What cables to replace Highwire's with?

I really like my Highwire 700's. However, I am wandering what would be a substantial upgrade to them. I have a full set-up of these wires...phono cable, interconnect and two speaker cables per speaker for true bi-wire.
I would want to replace all the cables with similar set-up. Please don't tell me about an upgrade if you haven't heard the Highwires.. I replaced all Cardas wires with these and never looked back. However,they are getting old now and I wander what would be a suitable upgrade?
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Maybe these are the next logical step for you:


Don Palmer's newer design.
Thanks for the Skywire suggestion. I think that they may be a little too
like what I already have. I would like to see if there are any cables that are
truly a BIG step-up from the Highwire's. Thinking maybe Kubala's
or Siltech or? Haven't heard these in comparison so not sure.
Spending more money does not necessarily give you an equivalent cost/benefit sound improvement. Try cables from people that offer trial periods so you can compare and evaluate. Some that I have had good experiences with are Grover Huffman, Chimera Labs, Ridge Street Audio, and Morrow Audio. Lots of others out there.
Clio09, While I totally agree with you, I doubt any audio writer for any of the well known audio mags would agree with you. You don't prescribe to their
opinions? ..:0)
I do read reviews and have a few writers whose opinions I respect, but experience (and a somewhat expensive one at that) and the fact that the reviews are not ocurring with my system, in my room, and with my ears, has shown me there are solutions that are a lot less expensive and can get you nearly as far sonically.

If you really want to buy some expensive cables I have a few pair lying around...;)

On the other hand, if you're somewhat adventurous try buying a pair of cables on auction here from the likes of Antipodes or Auricle Audio. You may very well be surprised.