What cables should match the Sun audio SV2A3

Hello experts,

I'll use this single ended 2A3 amp to drive my TAD, and the pre-amp will be either the Audio research SP9 MKII or Convergent (the CAT), signature SL1. Which interconnect cable and speaker cable do you recommend?
I recommend Mit Oracle v1.1 speaker cables at $16,000 and Mit Oracle v1.1 interconnects at $5,000.

My point?

Do you have a budget?
Thanks Herman. I don't have a budget at this moment. I don't have the MIT Oracle, but I have the MIT CVT terminator (not the terminator 2 or 3!) spk cable, the one with two big boxes, and it was the flagship at that generation. Also, I have the several CVT terminators interconnect cables, the one with one small cube, and the one with two medium size boxes. Do you think they are good match to Sun 2A3? Actually I don't have the Sun Audio 2a3 now, but I'll get it this Xmas.

Thanks again.
Try Oritek X-2 interconnects.
Thanks, does the Oritek has a website? How much is it?
Oritek does have a website, although it might be easier to access(no spell-check available) it through "10 audio". I'm a little disappointed(not) that I paid $390 for .6 meters(about 25 inches from tip to tip). Ori emailed me to say that .4 meters or less cost $329. He says, and I believe, that they tend to dominate a system(in a good way). I also want to mention that I actually retired his X-1's(mostly due to interconnect interactions, I believe), and I wasn't in the market for interconnects. He told me, if you want your PRAT, here it is. All I can say is "Wow".