What Cables should I try?

I need a new set of interconnect cables RCA for my system. I need longer cables like 2 meters, My system is Manley neo-classic 250 amps and the Steelhead as my phono preamp/amp. I have a Brinkmann Bardo tt and Wilson Audio sophia 2's...

I want lots of soundstage, bass and awesome sound overall....ideas?
You might consider Harmonic Technology Magic Link II interconnects. I use them from pre to amp and what they did for my system was bring everything together. It was no more listening to the tweeter/mid/woofer. Everything coalesced into a tapestry of sound. The sound is detailed, smooth and open. Just my 2 cents!
Good question(s) Alex, i am using a variety of xindak cables, for entire system. I don't think they are bad cables but I am sure there are better.

Cables - 1.5 meter from Steelhead to neo's is all i need now....if i can make a noticeable increase in quality by changing those then i will look at the speaker cables.

thanks! Brian
Owned most of the aforementioned cables...try MIT for 30 days in your home from Joe at Equus Audio and you'll stop searchin!
Used MIT for 10+ years, they were a crutch in my system. Texture and details stripped and a weird tilt in midrange.