What Cables should I try?

I need a new set of interconnect cables RCA for my system. I need longer cables like 2 meters, My system is Manley neo-classic 250 amps and the Steelhead as my phono preamp/amp. I have a Brinkmann Bardo tt and Wilson Audio sophia 2's...

I want lots of soundstage, bass and awesome sound overall....ideas?
[urlwww.liquidhifi.com/url] Great product and very competitive with anything available under $1000.
Morrow. Affordable and very respected.
How much do you want to spend?
at this point it is almost imposssible to predict the performance of a cable. listen to as many cables in your price range as possible.

until a cable has been heard in manu systems, it is hard to have confidence that it will perform in a certain way in another system.

in other words, if say, 100 ( ??) users report a consistent sonic characteristic, there is insufficient corroboration to satisify one's objectives.

maybe 100 is too high, but some number isn't
Stealth wonderdul cables.
oops i goofed. i meant to imply that if there is sufficient corroboration of a sonic signature, one may have some confidence that the performance will be replicated in another stereo system. but, since such an approach is inductive, there is only some probability of getting the same results as others.
Audition the Kimber KS-1030 and Synergistic Tesla
Apex ICs, from The Cable Company. Both are very transparent, will convey everything on your recordings(for better or worse) without getting sibilant, without loss of ambient info(great sound staging), and without breaking the bank. (http://thecableco.com/prodListing.php?cat=16)
What cables are you using now? How much do you want to spend? It looks like you only need cables from the Steelhead to the Neo-Classics. Is that the case? What about speaker cables and phono cable?


There is another gentleman on this forum who uses Signal Cable Silver Res with his Wilson Audio...you will need to check with him.
Try Tranparent and Cardas.
You might consider Harmonic Technology Magic Link II interconnects. I use them from pre to amp and what they did for my system was bring everything together. It was no more listening to the tweeter/mid/woofer. Everything coalesced into a tapestry of sound. The sound is detailed, smooth and open. Just my 2 cents!
Good question(s) Alex, i am using a variety of xindak cables, for entire system. I don't think they are bad cables but I am sure there are better.

Cables - 1.5 meter from Steelhead to neo's is all i need now....if i can make a noticeable increase in quality by changing those then i will look at the speaker cables.

thanks! Brian
I Second on Morrow
Owned most of the aforementioned cables...try MIT for 30 days in your home from Joe at Equus Audio and you'll stop searchin!
Used MIT for 10+ years, they were a crutch in my system. Texture and details stripped and a weird tilt in midrange.
I still haven't seen your current cable setup. In particular what cable are you using from the bardo and phonograph stage. That cable is critical.
Sorry, just saw your list...

Perhaps a call to the cable company is in order. You can check out cables from their library and see what works for you.
Alot of glass wig??? MIT, at least the current stuff is all about texture, detail and dynamics. I heard the Avalon, MIT, Spectral rig at my dealer a few years back and that was jaw droppingly awesome.