What cables should I buy.?

I am building my Music and HT system.
I am in need of help in regards to interconnect and
speakers cables. Which one I should buy?
I am a little confused: people's opinion is controversial
in the amount of money that it should be paid for cables. "Cable just carry the signal".
I have the Proceed pre/pro AVP2+6 channels, the Proceed AMP5
and the Jm Lab Utopia Diva Speakers.
Do I need also power cords for my components?
Too general a question. Too many choices at too many price points. Bottom of the line Kimber I think would work fine for all the cables (and power cords) you need. Good luck
I have the Divas and I am using Audioquest CV-8 cables. Quite happy with the results. If cost were no object, I might have auditioned more expensive options, but the CV-8s sound great to me.
Search the archives - there's scads of information on this subject. There are as many opinions as there are audiophiles.

My personal experience is that they can make a difference, but the point of rapidly diminishing returns comes pretty low on the chain of investment relative to the higher end. Power cords especially fall under that description and the gap is wider and more ambiguous (in terms of audible differences). A wiser investment in power is having some dedicated/isolated lines installed for your stereo components only. I don't have the knowledge to explain it, but I'd disagree with the thought behind the statement that "cables just carry the signal". That said, again, you don't have to mortgage the house to buy cables, and there are some excellent offerings at the low end that do a splendid job (Signal Cable, DH Labs, and Anti-Cables come to mind).

That is a very general question. You may not get too many answers. Take your time do some more research, searching the forums. There some really good recent posts on what order you should upgrade your cables and reasons why. Just take a look in the recent posts.

Definitely upgrade your power cords. Check out VH Audio, PS Audio, Virtual Dynamics power cords. If you can’t install dedicated/isolated power lines in your listening room. Look into a power regenerator. The PS Audio Power Plant Premier is a very good unit that is pretty new.

For interconnect and speaker cable help. Call the Cable Company, they will let you demo lots of different brands and can hear the difference between the cables and choose the ones you like. Here is their link:


I just bought the new Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerators. They are excellent and you should give them a demo. Take some time and go to their website and read all about their latest technology.
I can highly recommend the anti-cables. I recently bought some to bi-wire my Aerial speakers with and was extremely happy with the results.

Will not break the bank either!!
With those speakers I would probably stay away from silver. Go with all copper like Kimber 4TC speaker wire. There are a number of budget choices in interconnects (Kimber, DH labs, Signal Cable, VH audio). Power cables should be last on your list. Better to keep cheap power strips out of your system. Plug amps direct in the wall. Use a conditioner for steady current components like processors and DVD/CD players.
How much money for cables?? Well,you're here asking such questions;which makes above Joe-6pk.level-if you know what that refers to.
To start; with regards to your installation, how long will/are these cables be?? As we all know;longer costs more. Your post says HT and MUSIC. I would start with the 'music-part' i.e.2ch stuff.--Ya'all got a 2ch. pre?--or is this music going thru you your pre/pro? The fronts is probably the best place to start and improve;whether this be 2ch or HT. After you find out what length you need--- look thru the used stuffs,here. I rec. stay with popular brands and resell them for near what you paid if they don't seem worth the money spent. Like many here,I think there is room for improvement;If you want to go "there".
Thanks all of you.

Avguygeorge: Music, 2 channel is going thru the
Pre/Pro. My sistem: both proceeds built for Music
and HT.
try tara labs air series I dont think you will be disappointed.
This question is too broad. Everyone's taste is different. I second that recommendation to try before you buy.


I don't have unlimited funding so I purchased all my powercords used from Audiogon. If I needed anything else I would do the same. Get 'em used.

I like Kimber Kable for interconnects and speaker cable. I use only PS Audio power cords because they were cheap.