What cables recommended to connect D2v2 to P5 ?

Bit the bullet and ordered the pair...could definately use advice . thanks
Are you referring to the Esoteric P05 and D05?
sorry. I am referring to connectring an Anthem D2v2 and an Anthem P5 amplifier....
Hi Shug,

I run RCA cables between my D2 and MCA50, but you might as well run balanced.

As with all audio cable choices, there is no silver bullet, it just comes down to using cables that you are comfortable with and that you like.

A lot of people seem to like Shunyata, Analysis plus, Audience and Cardas cables. For much cheaper, I like both signal cable and Blue Jeans cable, and use them throughout in my HT setup.
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Tara or Analysis Plus....what price point are you looking for? Thanks for the clarification on equipment. The Anthem Statement D2 proc is an impressive sounding component...

What cables and equipment will you have connected into the D2? Are you going to use TOSLink or SPDIF for your DD and DTS digital input, etc....?