what cables/interconnects should I try?

Hi all-

I am looking for speaker cable and interconnects that will work well with a Rogue Sphinx amplifier. The speakers will alternate between the Kef LS50 and the Dynaudio Excite x12.

I am thinking of trying the Transparent Wave and Link, but welcome any suggestions. What are all you Rogue owners using?

Thanks, Margot
Try the Grover Huffman cables. Inexpensive but really excellent cables.

NORDOST HEIMDALL ..... a BIG step up from all the priors
Consider the Darwin Silver or Ascension ICs. It was Rogue owner O'brien who turned on reviewer Andre Marc to them for review.

Keeping with the silver theme, consider the Tempo Electric SCs. I have a review of them under product review>cables here on A'gon. Needless to say, I really like both of them.

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I'm very interested in what cables you finally decide on for your Sphinx, and especially how they work with the Excite x12 speakers, and how they match up with the Rogue Sphinx. I recently bought a used Sphinx to put together a 2-channel system, and now need to get speakers and cables myself. The x12 is on my list, along with the Nola Boxer, Ascend Sierra 2, and Revel M106. Let us know what you get and how everything sounds. Thanks.
You don't have to spend a fortune for good interconnects. I've had great results with SignalCable Silver Resolution, Audioquest Silver Extreme (sold by HMC Audio), Audioquest Black Mamba II (sold by Audioadvisor). There are others, for sure. For speaker cables, try SignalCable Ultra and Silver Resolution.
I have the Sphinx and use Soundstring Gen II cables. They also sound nice with my Prima Luna amp and Fritz carbon 7 speakers.
Thanks, everyone! And Duvallite, I will definitely let you know what I figure out about the Rogue Sphinx Excite x12 combination. cheers...
DHlabs Air Matrix for interconnects. I've found that interconnects matter a lot more in my system than speaker wire, for which I run bluejeans 10 (since I had to run it through a wall)...perhaps because the former gets amplified...
When I had a Rogue Tempest II Magnum, I was exceedingly happy using Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval ICs. I also used Nordost speakers cables when I had my Rogue.
Hi ,the ls 50 ,will show any weaknesses you have in the chain.I've found mine like warmer cables,in there some where.And will take the highest end cables,a great little speaker.Powercords included.
Transparent is a save choice. It never goes wrong. For Nordost it really depends on your system.

I sold a lot Nordost for over 9 years of time. And I did a lot of tests with Nordost. I owned the Valhalla loudspeakercable for over 12 years of time.
@ Mcanaday, Try some Tara Labs cables, go and listen to some, Tara just introduced a whole new line of cables that are not known about yet by the community here, I believe they will be talked about for years to come though.
Cables sound different in different systems. You have to try them out in your system to hear what they sound like. I'm using Anti-Cables after trying out dozens of those high priced brands that are known to be "best".
Hi, I have never herd transparent, I would think they would be very good.abit out of my price range.I use tara labs between pre and amp for the transparencey and openess, onyx.And harmonix gp between cd player and pre for musicality .Im happy with it.
There are so many cable manufacturers around now, that possible choices and synergies became impossibly large. I tend to go for what is likely to be a cost effective way of working. That for me is the small guy, selling direct with no marketing budget. With Nordost for example, a very big slice of the cost, must be in retailer margins, marketing, advertising and large staff costs. Most of the little guys seem to do sale or return too.

Three, I am using at the moment and I know everyone says stick to the same manufacturer, are:
Sablon Audio
I would recommend all 3, reasonable cost, results and very easy guys to work with.