What cables for the Vandersteen 2ce Sig.?

Right now I am running a Plinius 8100 and an Arcam 23T with Dimarzio and Cardas cables and interconnects. I just got the 2ce's and now I am looking for speaker cables. Considering the 2ce's connector strip will only accommodate limited size spades, what would be good wires to look at that will fit? Would you biwire?
Dumb question time. Whats wrong with the Cardas?
I used Bi focal XL had to cut one of the lugs off but there was still plenty of contact area. sounded great. upgraded to 3A sigs. and the cables were fine. It seems that many cables add a sonic signature according to the designers ears. But the Entire Kimber line seems to concentrate on adding nothing but openess and detail without any ying or yang. they hold their value well and move fast on AudiogoN.
I'd go with XLO or Kimber wires(whichever you can afford). You can order them from www.percyaudio.com bulk and unterminated(you're not going to believe how cheap and great can wires be including interconnects as well) To my knowlege of Vandys they will less-likely benefit from bi-wiring. In this case I suggest threading through the binding posts bare wires(pay less for unterminated speaker ends and get actually more than you think).
However they will benefit from biamping if you consider taking Plinius 8200P matching poweramp thus adding more power bandwidth of the class A operation.
Newbee, As you know, the wire terminal on the Vandersteens will not accept large spades. The current cables I have don't fit, unless I want to take wire cutters to them. Hence the reason for the question...
Ah! Now I understand. Its been a long time & I didn't remember. I had the same problem on and old ARC amp. I solved that problem with a file and grinder. Other than that would it really be that much of a problem to purchase a smaller pair of spades and reterminate them? Forgive me -I'm kind of a cheapskate and i really don't believe there would be that much, if any, sonic difference were you to reterminate them (or take them to a shop & have some one else do it)but it could alter resale value. But if you looking for new cables to play with, how are you trying to improve/change the sound of the Vandys?