***What Cables For McIntosh***

I have decided to add a Mcintosh MHA-150 to supplement the KT88 Cayin anchoring my system.Currently the Power & spkr.cables are Nordost Lief Series Red Dawn & speakers are Harbeth M30.1's..I'm curious what other Mcintosh owners are using..
I have 2 McIntosh systems and use Groneberg Quattro Reference speaker  cables and interconnects.  I use all Shunyata power cords.
Ive never had any of your gear in one system so this is really irrelevant but i have owned mac gear over the years mc402/452,mc60s,275,240 few others,never heard the 30.1 but owned  the 40.1 Harbeth for a very short time and several Nordost cables up to Valhalla..I cant imagine any of this sounding that great all together in one system.Ibdid habe the harbeths mated with the mac 402 and it sucked imo..way too much politeness if you will
Sorry ,phone cut me off...again in my opinion if staying with Harbeths id go with something that had better bass control.Im not a Harbeth fan at all so grain of salt speaking ..Not a fan of Nordist either especially with that speaker line,much better choices out there for probably less money...just my opinion
MIT EVO 2 speaker cables with 501’s.  Same IC’s from source and AP copper oval in from pre.  Driving Thiels.  Our systems vary quite a bit however.