What cables for luxman

I have recently purchased a Luxman L-505u and D-05. I am courious to here what people are using for cables, both ICs and Speaker. Are you running balanced or RCAs? Is there any benefit to running Balanced? I only need 1/2 meter ICs.
Cheers, Michael
From what I've read of others who know more than I, balanced cables will offer no real advantage with that short of length. RCAs should be fine.
As for what type/brand, there is so much here already that a quick search will lead you in the right direction.
My experience is that you don't have to spend a fortune to get great cables.

Good luck!

PS: I'm a bit jealous of your gear.
I had the Luxman L-505u for less than a year and I used the Nordost Red Dawn's XLR with my cd player and the Bis Audio Cuivre-S RCA from my phono preamp to the amp. Appart from the gain which is higher with the XLR, I found no advantage with the XLR. Both of these cables are neutral and similar.

For the speakers, it was Van den Hul CS122 with great results combine with a pair of Harbeth SHL5.

Based on discussions with the importer, Shunyata seems to be a favorite. Not just power cords, but IC's and speaker cables.
Luxman produces power cords (jpa15000) with lean shielding and large cross section/non twisted conductors, more similar to the Oyaide Tunami GPX-R power cords (I own) than to the ones from Shunyata.

In its official japanese website Luxman says that this architecture provides a more relaxed and natural sound.

After trying different power cords (Oyaide Tunami one hand, hyper-shielded/twisted the other) I can only agree with them.

I recommend the neutral, focused and detailed (and expensive) GPX-R, while in my experience GPX provides a "punchy" sound with more enphasys on the mid-lows.

I own Audioquest Sky 72v DBS xlr interconnects and Gibraltar 72v DBS speaker cables for my Luxman D06 sacd player and 509u integrated amp with B&W 803D loudspeakers.
I have the Luxman 550aII and D-05 and am using blue jeans xlr for $50.00 .
I tried siltech 330i and did not notice much difference except for a some glare on trumpet sounds with the siltech, maybe they were not burned in.
I have the Luxman D 05 and 550A II.
I use 2.5 m Luxman JPX 10000 CL XLR and Morrow SP6 Ref SC.
I use the Luxman power cords. Noticeable benefit.
The Luxman XLR is clearly superior to my Morrow MA6 1m RCA IC's.
XLR has no inherent advantage over RCA over short distances unless you have a "noisy" electrical environment - which nearly all domestic situations do not. Having said that, XLR is useful in eliminating ground loops.
The Morrow SC is a capable speaker cable but better suited to some valve amps I have tried it with.
The search continues...Goertz next.