what cables for Krell 300i and Revel M20 suggest

I am going to be running a Krell s300-i integrated amp to a pair of Revel M20s and using a Rel Sub for a studio recording playback monitoring system. The main source would be a Metric Halo LIO 8 converter. This is to monitor my own recordings.

I need a set of interconnect to run from the LIO 8 to the Krell amp and a set of speaker cables to the Revel M20s. Any suggestions that might sound good with this setup. I imagine this sound to possibly be on the tighter brighter side and was thinking maybe a cable like MIT would fit the bill? I've tried tons of cables over the years. Just wanted to see what sort of suggestions I might get from others who may be familiar with what this system might sound like.

I have always found cables to almost like an EQ of sorts. You don't want a dull cable on a dull system but in the right system a duller sounding cable can be perfect.
I have owned a Krell 300I, I am going to get another one for second system, I used the Taralabs-The one, interconnects and speaker cables, absolutly does not sound bright!, very, very, good sound, these cables will make you not believe what is possible with the krell 300I, I still have these cables, I am going to use them on the next 300I, currently, I am building on the main system that is costly and saving the Tara the one cables for that intergrated amp, cheers.
Its hard to go wrong with Audioquest. I find the copper always sounds good, but if you consider silver, you need to give it a good demo just to be sure.
I would try something warm with that combo. Maybe MIT.
No offense, but rather than imagining, predicting and guessing what equipment you don't have might sound like, start out with a nice pair of Belden 12 gauge from Blue Jeans Cable, listen for a month or two, and then make a cable decision (if needed) based on hearing the actual equipment in your room. I have nothing against expensive cables, BTW. I just think that the more sensible progression is to listen first, buy later. Best of luck with your system.
I am very pleased with Analysis Plus cabling in my system. I use Solo Crystal oval interconnects and Oval 9 speaker cable. I run a pair of Revel F30's, driven by Pass electronics
I ended up grabbing a set of Grover Huffman speaker cables I saw listed. I have those in my main rig and they are super value cables.

Chayro, I might just try the cheap blue jeans cable. I think it would be a good point of reference for me. I've heard a lot of guys mention it. I would love to be able to tolerate a lower priced cable like that. I haven't really found one yet. Grover is as close as I've come.
Someone above mentioned Blue Jeans Cable. Do they actually make cables, or just sell them?
I got the Krell integrated. Holy crap what a huge upgrade from the Creek 4330 I had hooked up temporary. I cannot believe how much better this things sounds. This is my first Krell. I cannot understand what all the Krell hating is all about there is nothing buy good sound coming from this things and it's just about the cheapest product they make. I can only imagine how good their big powerful expensive amps sound
@ Ejlif, Hi, Krell did make a couple of models that sounded bright, most of everything they ever made is in the heap as best available period!, many audiophiles tried to judge them off because of a couple of bad products, with in fact, most brands out there has a couple of bad products them selfs, when you are as popular as krell, many will take shots at them believing everything they have ever made should be perfect, no brand has done that!