What Cables does ARC use at Audio Shows?

Anybody have any info. on what cables and IC's ARC uses when they exhibit their products at Audio Shows like CES for example.
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One should be careful not to assume too much or draw too many conclusions from any particular set of manufacturers that happen to share a room at an audio show. These arrangements are made for a number of good reasons; the people have developed personal relationships and like each other (it is kind of like having a room mate), there is an agreement to share the cost of the room, the is a new hot product everyone is interested in by one of the manufacturers, the equipment sounds good together (synergy), etc. Also, as important as those stated above is the ability of the team to set up the room to sound good. So there are a combination of personal, business and sound system reasons that cause manufacturers to come together and they rotate often for the same reasons.
so perhaps Shunyta is the way to go with a powercord to my ARC DAC7 ! =) /Dingo
For most of the time, they use Shunyata cables. They also use them at the factory, when voicing their products. I have once seen them exhibiting with Kubala Sosna Emotion cables.
At an small audio show in Seattle the dealer used only Transparent Reference, I beleive Opus MM only ,with the transparent reference conditioners and power cables.
I estimated this was huge retail bucks in cables maybe
50k worth. Ouch! in total driving all reference ARC Equipment