What Cables - Cleaner Bass

I am looking for cleaner, tighter bass. Can this be found in a cable? I am interested in upgrading my MonsterBass 400. I am currently running them from a Proceed AVP processor to Def. Tech. BP3000tl subs. For those not familiar with the subs, they are 18 in., 1000 watt, built in to mains with seperate inputs. Extra info, speakers are bi-polar and tri-wire able, currently I have them bi-wired with AP Oval9, and using the jumpers as recommended by the manufacturer. System use is 50/50 music/ht. Thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge and experience, it is greatly appreciated! All comments are welcomed.
I would recommend you try ZCable LIVE.
Try DH LAbs silver sonic. Slightly pricey compared to what you're used to but it tightened up the bass in my main system.
However: best to fool around with room placement on the sub before spending more $$$...move it slightly aways from the corners for example.
I have had great results with my Velodyne HGS-15 and the Harmonic Technology Precision Link inteconnects with XLR's.
And they are around $300.00 for the 3 meter set.
I have found the AudioQuest midnight to work EXCELLENT on the lows. However, it stinks for anything above 500 Hz.
I moved up to the Monster Z-series Bass cable. It's a substantial improvement over the 400. Also improved low end by using isolation cones. (Large brass cones from Mapleshade).
I probably shouldn't open this can of worms, but are you sure it's the cable that will give you better, tighter bass? Loubalch's recommendation for cones is a good one--I don't know if Mapleshade as the type that screws into the speaker, if so, that is what you should get--if not there are other sources that do. I am familiar with your speakers--they can put out a lot of bass---sometimes too much. What are your room dimensions--the room could be exciting certain bass frequencies and causing the whole thing to sound muddy. The advantage you have is that you can correct the bass separately without compromising the mids and treble. One thing I would recommend is using an SPL meter (if you use the Radioshack--get the corrections for it--they are located in other A-gon forums) and a test CD (stereophile CD2 or CD3 are both good) and see if there are particular bass frequencies that are giving you a problem. If so you may be able to correct them with room treatment, but if they are below 80Hz or so and are greater than 10db you will probably need electrical correction. For that there are a number of options from McIntosh EQ, to custom made notch filters, to TACT (very expensive digital correction--probably overkill for this). I just wouldn't want someone to invest in cables--if that's not where the source of the problem lies.
XLO is a good consideration. Type 5 or 6 in shotgun. I have a pair I will let you try if you like. Two 6' pairs for $200. Factory terminated. If you are happy just keep them, if not return. Only out your shipping. Good Luck!
Abstract, thank you for alerting me to the possibility of other options. I will most certainly look into them. the only reason I suggested cables, was, well because all other cable upgrades from Monster that I have made yeilded amazing results. In some cases moreso than actual component upgrades. And my sub cables are the last. I'm actually not complaining at all, the bass is great, especially in ht. But before I go out to buy 2 twelve foot cables I just wanted to hear what others are using to their satisfaction. Another "but", you've alerted me to other tweaks/tuning options that up until now I've completely ignored. In fact, I was very skeptical at first about cable upgrades, especially due to the $ associated with it, "but" as I said I've been blown away. Thanx again all, feel free to keep posting, still looking for more cable suggestions. I'll keep you all updated, but I will be following Abstract's recommendations first.
Audio4fun, thank you so much for such a generous offer, but unfortunately I will need 12ft. cables. Much appreciated.