What cables are you using for a hidden in wall clean look? I have B&W 802 D3s coming.

Just wondering what cables you guys are using for installing them in walls? Gauge, brands, ends, etc. etc.  Are you guys terminating them yourselves? Banana plugs or spades? 

I have a krell chorus 7200 and three 802 D3s coming in a couple of weeks.  I am looking to combine two channels per speaker.  

All of my other speakers are the older B&W SCMS speakers running from a marantz amp for surrounds. 

Thanks for the help guys.

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We used bulk #12 gauge stranded copper cable throughout most of the rooms on the first floor while our house was being built. We had to use "code" cables otherwise the house would have not passed the inspection for occupancy permit. I also put speaker terminals in certain spots on the walls where I expected the speakers/amplifiers to be placed. The "code" cables are somewhat rigid and are not as flexible as "normal" speaker cables but I figured a #12 gauge copper cable would do the job. I even put speaker terminals in a few places way up on the walls where I thought I might put surround speakers. Right now, I’m only using some of the terminals for a 2-channel set up. Bottom line is, make sure you check your local safety electrical code regulations just to avoid issues down the line, for example when you decide to sell the house, etc. As an FYI, you can look all this up by a trip to your local Home Depot (if in US). They even sell cables down to #2 gauge which look quite impressive....but there’s no way you can connect anything less than #10 gauge to any off-the-shelf connectors. Those #2 gauge wires look awesome by the way...