What cables are you running with your ARC gear

looking for insight from the community here. what cables are your running with your ARC gear. I have almost pieced together a system after being away from audio for several years (the kids college tuition took a toll on my previous system). my new system consists of an ARC LS25, ARC VT130SE, ARC CD3, ARC PH3SE and Sonus Faber Venere 3.0 speakers. comments and recommendations are greatly appreciated.
I run DNM Reson analog ICs from all sources into ARC sp16 pre-amp and out to power amp. ARC + DNM is excellent for overall tonality, coherence and detail for modest cost.
Signal Cable.


Kubala-Sosna cables work well with Audio Research. I have tried them in the past, I don't remember which one.

I use the gray balanced Audio Research cables between my CD7, LS25 mk2 and Ref 110. Unfortunately they have not been made for years and are hard to find now. I have not found anything though that I thought was significantly better.
The sp16 does not have balanced inputs or outputs. A lot of ARC gear does. If mine did, I would lean towards using that.
I've had a variety of ARC equipment over the years and have had good luck with Empirical Design cables. The interconnects are particularly good--very neutral, flexible and harmonically correct. Best of luck!
The ARC branded cables from around 1990 were made by Cardas without the "Golden Ratio" wire laying. At the time they must have tried many, and partnered with Cardas. I do not know what their reference wires are today.

I like the older Cardas for single ended RCA connections with ARC equipment.

For balanced I prefer Pro cables like MarkerTek Canare or Mogami.

Ralph Karston (Atmosphere) believes inexpensive "Pro" balanced cables are all that is needed..

Look down this link for his take on balanced.

I had an ARC system very similar to yours for quite awhile and used Audio Magic cables with satisfaction. During that period of time I auditioned cables from two other companies which did not match-up to what I had, so I came to the conclusion that Audio Magic must be a pretty solid product line to fend off the pricy cables they were up against.
Silver cables are in general suit tube gears. I find Wireworld cables good value for money. You can try.
I like Kimber Select for ARC. Audioquest and Tara are also very good.
I've owned multiple ARC amplifiers and preamplifiers over the years, enjoyed them all!
We switched to solid state amplifiers and an all digital front end (without a preamplifier) when we integrated a theater system with our stereo system.
While AudioQuest worked well, we found MIT cables allowed our system (Wilson speakers) to reproduce music closer to the live event more than anything else we heard.
Shunyata or Sainline Systems sound great in my system. Also Audioquest is a good choice as are, I'm sure, many others referred to in this thread.
I used Harmonic Technology with ARC for years.
I'm using Wireworld now and think it's great
(Eclipse 7 between BAT VK300SE and Thiel 2.4SE).

Guess I'm a fan of high-purity single crystal copper.

Ron at Liquid Hi-Fi (Charlotte, NC) will take care of you.
Very nice system Dweller-

It is good to read about BAT paired w/ Thiel speakers. The Thiel CS2.4 & CS2.7 are my reference speakers and I am always interested in hearing/reading about the different brands od gear that are sonic matches.

I would add Straight Wire and Transparent cables/cords to your search. These 2 brands are sonic matches w/ ARC gear.
Keep me posted & Happy listening!
Grover Huffman cables are what makes my system sing. His Balanced cable made an night and day difference for me with my CD 3 Mk 2 and Silver bi-wire for my speakers. I've posted many accolades about them and of course this is my subjective opinion but they are the greatest in how they work for me.
Sainline and Shunyata is what ARC uses for power cables with Transparent for speaker cables.I'm running Sainline,Furutech Ref and Synergistic.You've heard it before that it's all about synergy.
I've also had excellent results with Audio Magic cables and ARC equipment.
16 responses and 23 cable recommendations. You get the picture with cables?
pops so true, cables are cables. Try a couple of different brands to see what works best with your ears. With my arc gear i tried Nordost blue heavens, red dawns the flatline ones. I then tried Tara prime m2 cables and i sold the nordost. I kept the taras and never looked back.