What cables are recommended for Rowland M201's?

Just purchased an excellent used Wadia 830 to connect directly to my Rowland M201. I'm using Cardas Golden Ref AC cords, Siltech IC's and Speaker Cables. Somehow, this combination is not as good as Krell 400xi and Audio Research CD3.

Also, what cables are recommended for Krell 400xi and Audio Research CD3? Currently using Analysis Plus Silver Power Cord and Siltech cables all around. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!
What is 'not as good' if you would elaborate. It's hard to tell what you are talking about.
I think I've spotted your problem. You need some speakers. When you get some, tell us what they are and ask the question again.
Are you saying the Krell/ARC combination sounded better than the Rowland/Wadia combination? Can you explain what you mean by better.
PS Was thinking of buying one of the Rowland integrated amps that uses the 201's for amplification.
I'm using Proac Response 1.5's and currently don't have a preamp. Somehow, the Krell/ARC combination sounds a lot better to my ears. This combination impressed me with better sonics, natural and crystal clear highs and better soundstage. Maybe, it has something to do with the ARC CD3. On the other combo, Wadia directly to M201, somehow, I don't hear that wonderful image and soundstage I hear from the Krell/ARC combo. However, dynamics and bass extension are far more detailed I think. So, I think maybe I'm using the wrong cables or maybe just my ears.
I think you're mainly hearing tonal balance differences between components. The Krell/ARC tonal balance may have complemented the ProAc better than the Rowland/Wadia for your taste. In my experience nobody makes a truly neutral component. In order to achieve an overall neutral sound you need to have some components or cables that are slightly bright and some that are slightly warm, though the closer to neutral your components are, the easier it is to match them.

I would guess that your system sounds a little on the warm side now and you actually prefer something on the detailed/analytical side. The Siltech cables I've heard are among the brightest available so I'm not sure if you'll achieve much by switching cables. Do you still have access to the Krell? If so, try the Wadia with it. Also try the preamp outputs of the Krell run to the Rowland. This will help narrow it down to an amp preference or a CD player preference. I think it's fair to say the CD3 is regarded as a better player than the 830 and the soundstaging you heard with it was due to its higher resolution. Also, the volume control of the Wadia is known to cause a loss of resolution at its lower settings. A preamp might help things. The tonality difference you heard is likely to be the difference between the amplifiers. Try lots of combinations. Eventually you'll develop a knack for matching systems to get the sound you want.