What cables are available for Naim Stagline to RCA

I would like to upgrade to a better cable from the Stagleine/Hi Cap combo to the RCA inputs on my pre-amp.
I have been using the Chord Cobra but I am sure there is a better cable out there. I was considering trading for a Linn Linto but the in home A-B comparison left me feeling the Naim could excell with a better cable. I found the Linto more detailed but a little "brash" in the male vocals. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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I've used Audioquest Cheetah and Nordost Blue Heaven. Both Nordost and Audioquest will work up a din to RCA cable (both high quality terminations). Nordost probably does it more regularly and they stock din connectors. You'll need to choos what you like best. I recommend getting a wiring diagram from NAIM and fax it to either company when you have it done.