what cables???

I am getting 2 MC275 and Tyler Acoustic PD 80,s. Any suggestion on spaeaker wire? Looking at 20'
I use signal cable ultra bi-wires with my Linbrook system 2s; and Wireworld Atlantis 5 in my secondsystem with Taylo 7Us
Synergistic Research Tesla series would be a great start. Borrow them from the Cable Company (they're on-line and a great resource)

Teslas work phenomenally with my MC225s.

Check out the Tesla Power Cords... T2 for your preamp, and T3 for your digital source... you will be very surprised and glad you did.

The Tesla SCs are great. Call Ted Denny at SR and tell him the equipment you have, borrow the cables from the Cable Company, and consider the results.

Happy listening!
I would give some serious consideration to Auditorium 23 cables.
I can second for Synergistic Research I have an all Tesla system and could not be happier. Great Cables great service.
I don't know if your budget allows for this but the best cables I have heard bar none, I mean another league similar to a component change, are the Intuitive Design Chimera carbon nanotube cables. There are some reviews of these here on Audiogon, include mine. Forget the conventional cables if your budget allows and get these wave-of-the-future cables. I sold my VERY expensive previous cables and took a big monetary bath once I heard the ID cables.
I suggest you demo cables from the Cable Company to help you decide. I did and settled on the JPS Superconductor Petites for my MC275 - an excellent match that lets the sound of the MC275 tubes come through brilliantly. My second choice would be Analysis Plus Oval 9s.
Home Grown Audio. I just replaced my interconnects with their DNA's and was so impressed I just ordered their X32 speaker cables. My old cables for reference was Audioquest Anacondas and Volcano.