What cable to use with KRELL

What power cord will work best with a HTS7.1 processor? Shunyata, elrod, ect?
I use Virtual Image power cables on my both my wife's HT and my 2 channel set-up. For my wife's HT set-up, I bought her a Yamaha RX-V3000 reciever and eventually upgraded the PC on it, the V.I. Sledgehammer PC really made an improvement. The Sledgehammer brought out more of the little background details in both music and movies. I've never had any experience with Krell equipment before, but I would venture to say that the V.I. would work well for you. In my 2 channel set-up, I use V.I.'s Pile Driver power cables and a Sledgehammer. I just absolutly love these cables, the Pile Driver really kicks it up a notch from the Sledgehammer. If you search the forums, you can read some of my other posts about the Virtual Image power cables.
any other experince?
I have found that that the Pure Note Sigma PC works great with all my Krell products. This includes both my amps, my preamp, and my Krell crossover.


They are a great company to deal with and have a great trial policy.

I would second the Pure Note. I have had great results with my KCT.

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I also recommend Pure Note !!!
I've made this comment before, so I'll make it again. It makes no sense whatsoever to ask what cord sounds right with a particular equipment. Now, if you had asked what cord works well with a preamp or pre-pro, this might make some sense. If a particular component requires this much synergy with a cord, then you should replace that component with another one that has a decent power supply. In general, a cord cord is a good cord with any brand component.
Sonic Genius' Reference Stereo System a/o January 2004:

Martin-Logan Prodigy speakers.
Krell FPB400cX power amp. Modified with IEC power inlet.
Krell KCT preamp.
Sony SCD-1 SACD player.

Sutherland PHD phono preamp (battery).
VPI TNT-HR-X turntable, JMW 12.5 tonearm.
Grado Statement phono cartridge.

Pure Note Cerulean Cables, replacing the Epsilon References.

Pure Note Epsilon Reference XLR, RCA cables. Rev. 4.0
Pure Note Epsilon Reference speaker cables. Rev. 4.0
Siltech Compass Lake XLR interconnects.
Pure Note Sigma power cables.
I have tried a number of power cords with my Krell equipment, and think that the Chris VH products sounded the best. I use them on the CD player and pre-amp also.
Squidboyw is crazy! but he's right about the CVH PCs. I have replaced all of my PCs in my predominately Krell system with the CVH DIY PCs FWIW(I was going for a record there), and have been very happy with the results.
Audioengr is right. Him, Robert Schult (Ridge Street Audio) and S23Chang have been advocating for a paradigm shift and there's very few people listening. Too many people are chasing the coloration bandwagon. Me? I go for transparency and neutrality...
Why don't you mod your Krell equipment so it sounds good instead of bandaiding with power or speaker cables?

If it has Mosfet output devices, just sell it and get bipolars unless you are willing to immerse it in LN02...
Thanks everyone, I just looking for a good power cord,that's all. I'm not looking for nothing out of this world. I just wanted to have a second opinion maybe from Krell owners and others in general about wich power cord will likely to work best with a Krell Processor.
anyone care to add anything?
Four of us, independently recommended Pure Note. Email and buy them (on trial) at:


I bet you will keep them!