What cable is best?

I’m currently using DH Lab Redwave cables with Furutech FI-50 connectors. I am getting DH Labs Corona cables with Watgate Blue Dot gold connectors. Which cables would be better? The DH Lab Redwave with the better connectors or the better Corona DH Lab cable with the lesser quality but still decent Watgate Blue Dot gold connectors?
I would say that the better cable would be component and system dependent.
So much of this hobby is system dependent and personal preference, go with what sounds better to you. As for my take on cables in general, the materials in the cable and the geometry used dictates what the cable will sound like. Connectors, very little.
scar972 I disagree. I find by experience that connectors make as much a difference as the core cable itself. I’ve done the experimentation and find connectors add a characteristic to the sound of the cable as the cable itself.
yes, connectors do make a difference especially if the two in comparison are built differently and use different plating, many run of the mill connectors are very similar and uses gold plating, therefore they sound very similar.
I'm a firm believer in the cable itself....the conductor, dielectric, and geometry. To a certain degree, you can tailor the sound you want by the ingredient and geometry used in the cable. This is from experience. 
The  Corona cable is better in my system regardless the connectors which do make a difference.