What budget preamp for my Monarchy SM70PRO amp?

Ive got a Monarchy SM70PRO amp that has an input impedance of 100 ohms. Can you guys recommend a pre at $250 or less that works with this amp. I was considering a passive Creek OBH-12. Would that be a good match? Thanks for all your help!
I see you haven't had any responses, so I thought I would give you a reply. I thnik the problem here is your budget. I did a quick search here on Audiogon and really didn't see anything that I could recommend at $250 or less. The Monarchy is a good piece of gear and deserves a good preamp--but honestly I don't know of anything at $250 or less. Apparently no one else does, either.
I asked a similar question many moons ago. Here are the answers I got:
fwiw, my friend went with an old nad pre and couldn't be happier. Hope this helps.
What about a Superphon pre by Stan Warren? I bought mine pretty cheap and it's not bad.