What brass cones are the best?

I'm looking at brass cones for my system. I'm wondering if any of you have experimented with Mapleshade Triplepoints vs. Audiopoints vs Black Diamond? I hear differences but am not sure which is better. I would like your opinions/experiences especially with Levinson gear.
I'm also considering the differnces between buying four threaded cones for each piece to replace the Levinson feet is better than just using three cones underneath the components.
I currently make a sandwich with cones underneath the component, then quarter inch glass, than Vibrapods.
This combination is better than just cones or Vibrapods. I use various combos of Vibrapods underneath each component to tune them. Please feel free to examine my system.
micheal green's the best one,i have tried several that you
have mention and they enhance or lack some informations
I have had great success with DH Cones and squares combinded. I use them with my rogue preamp, naim power supply and Linn Lingo. The sonic improvement is very apparent in clarity, bass performance, without detriment to timing. I have a friend who just applied super jumbo cones with squares with his ML 334 with same results. I also think they are a great value and come with cases and 800 number support.
800 number support? Am I just really tired or is that overkill for a couple pieces of brass? Like, what *really* can go wrong here?
I feel that I get the best sound without using cones.
Audio Points worked best with my components.