What brands are the stock tubes that came w/ S.F.?

I have some E188C that I just digged out of my junk earlier and I am wondering what brand they are. I mean the true brand. Need to know how what they are and how much they are worth because I am planning to get rid of them...

They are labeled:

1.) GOLD AERO for SONIC FRONTIERS EC188C with Gold Pins
Wondering what the true brand is, they have seamed tops.

2.) GOLD AERO EL34 special selected for SONIC FRONTIERS.

I am def. not a tube-person...
I dont know if any of you are familiar with these tubes.
I dont think that SF has changed their tube sources that much so they should be as-usual as what you all who owned a SF has got as the stock tubes...

Any feedback will be greatly appraciated!
according to http://www.audiophilia.com/hardware/power1.htm it appears they were Sovtek.
If the E188CCs have the seamed top and gold pins, they are definitely NOT Sovteks. I remember reading somewhere that Gold Aero used to relabel tubes from other sources. (Not 100% positive) They are probably not Sylvania either. But these could be any of the NOS tubes. It would help if you have some pictures so we can at least compare the physical structures and look for signs so we can make some educated guesses. Look between the pins at the bottom. Is there a number in the center of the glass? Is there a dimond shape enveloping the number? Are there any type of code etched on the glass anywhere? These will help solve your mystery.

My SFD 2 Mk II came with a set of 6922s/E88CC that has gold colored "Sonic Frontier" label on them and "Made in Russia" in fine print across the bottom, not Gold Aero tubes.

The 7308 have a number 7 in the center of those pins and some marker writing...
I have a quad of Mullard Xf2's for it. Any suggestions for small tubes?