What Brand of Kt66/6l6 tube was used in VTL MB-80s

I recently purchased a pair of mint VTL compact MB-80s with the original 3 page "manual". It stated the amp came with or it was designed with russian KT66s but the manual did not state the brand. The amp came with JJ 6l6s which sound fantastic, but I wonder what other types of this tube could or should be tried. Is there a difference between kt66 and 6l6 versions?? Thank you. Larry
I don't have MB-80s however, my VTL gear came with JJ electronic tubes. They are made in Slovak Republic.

JJ now makes a KT66

I think VTL used to supply Sovtek tubes which are made in Russia but I'm guessing.
Yes, there are distinct differences between KT66 and 6L6GC. The 6L6 are warmer and softer - the KT66 more detailed and dynamic. Which is better depends on the rest of your system and personal tastes.

There are really only two versions of the tubes anymore: The Russian/Slovak (New Sensor) and the Chinese (Shuguang). The Russians are darker and heavier sounding compared to the Chinese in general. I prefer the Chinese. The Valve Art and Groove Tubes are screened tubes for lower noise but are all made by the same Russian or Chinese companies.

My favorite so far in my MC240 are the (Shuguang) Groove Tubes KT66C. They have more transparency than the (New Sensor) Tung Sol KT66 and have the benefit of being a true kinkless design. The (New Sensor) SED and EH 6L6GC are quite warm and soft IMO. The (New Sensor) JJs are more microphonic than the others in my experience.

Be careful that if your amp is only designed for 6L6GC, you CANNOT use any of the other 6L6 tubes because of excessive anode voltages. Many of the NOS 6L6 are not GC variants.

My Compact 80's (wish I still had them) kt66's were replaced w Sovtek 5881's when I retubed after I had them about 5 years
(and only lost 1 tube the whole 8 years I had them).Loved'em.