what brand of amplifier for my situation?????

I will soon be purchasing a home theater(5 channel)amp and pre/pro. Use will be 70% HT 30% Music.
My room has very little in the way of damping(wood floors,not much on the walls. My speakers(5 Neosonik Z1's)4ohm , while not the least harsh, are on the bright/forward sound stage side of the spectrum. I've been looking at the Sherbourn/Outlaw/Parasound/Rotel/NAD range of product. What do you think would sonically match well?
Any help would be appreciated>
I suggest haunting a few Audio/HT merchants in your area and see what you like. It is very pricy, buy McIntosh has a great six channel amp out there that demands a listen.
Yeah McIntosh is good with your speakers. Also, Parasound HCA1206(not 1205), Classe, Aragon 8008x5(older), B&K(ok), Anthem, and other slightly soft on top amps, with warm body. The above mentioned are than. Also, the Pass X5 should do fine also I think, if a little more refined.
Otherwise tubes will do the trick all around.
Also, if you have reflective surfaces, you should consider making sure you have more controlled focused speakers, like Plannar, Horns, Dappolito's, THX, etc. Still, a few panels here and there would help you. Why not?!