What brand did you leave Rega for?

What brand did you go to when you left Rega? Why did you jump ship?

I want to get a new table and move up to a higher level. I have only had entry level Rega's for the last 20 years, planer1 and RPG1.
Basis. It runs at the correct speed.
A NAS Interspace Jr. Best thing I ever did in my audio journey.

Dont like Rega TTs at all. Or their entire TT line for that matter. They're cheap - have meaningless upgrades WRT returns on investment and they sound terrible IMO.
Notec- And according to your system page, now Well Tempered. Very nice setup btw!
I upgraded to a used VPI TNT from Rega 3. The sound reproduction was dramatically more accurate. Though, I now have a vintage DD Luxman PD121 with a replacement mat (TTweights), and a maple arm board. The vintage DDs are very precise when it comes to pitch/speed control.

I wish I had know about the vintage DDs (Denon, JVC, Luxman, Sony, Pioneer, Technics, etc) from the start. I would have saved a great deal of money and time.
I started with a Planar 3 and Linn K9 cartridge, then I bought an Exact cartridge (which was purchased in a shop in London for 1/2 the US price) to a Linn LP12. But the LP 12 went through upgrades too. My LP 12 originally had an RB300 arm, stil with the Exact. Then I got an RB600 arm- still with the exact. Then I found a second hand Ekos II arm. At that time I also went from the Basik power supply to a Lingo. The cartridge was still the Exact, but shortly after that I found a Troika. Kept the Troika a while then found an Arkiv B cartridge. Remarkably I sold the Exact for more than I paid and I sold the Troika for what I paid. My LP12/Ekos II/Arkiv B/Lingo has remained stable for about 10 or 11 years now.
Way back in the day I sold my Rega Cherry P-9, some other gear and funded a SOTA TT with Vacum Platter and seismic platform suspension along with the best arm I could muster. A top notch front end was a priority. The difference was amazing! That was 20+ years ago and I have been happy ever since. In that timespan my table had a workout, has been sent back for rebuild, and sent back to be upgraded. The upgrade path SOTA provides to move up the line in TT models is something few manufacturers offer in this day and age. SOTA is still in business, many are not. Customer Service is great and it's made right here in the USA! If your final destination/desire is a Sota Cosmos sometime in this lifetime you will not be sorry.
Fisher-Price would be an upgrade from Rega.
Fjn04 - mighty fine rig you got there yo-self! :-).
I started with Basis and have upgraded in the line - I did start with a rega 300 tonearm and hated it, extremely overrated IMO. I started having problems and moved to a hadcock for not too much more money and the sound and tracking ability is no comparison to the rega.
I went from a P25 full decked out with upgrades to a LP12 that has had some upgrades as well. I like the table but am hesitating to do any more upgrades. I have been looking at other tables but no direction yet. Actually I waiting to see what Rega does on a (rumored) higher end table.
I had a Rega (Basis branded) arm and also tried a Origin Live OL-1 arm. When I upgraded to a Basis Vector 3 tonearm the difference was astoundingly better.
Way back in the day, more than 25 years ago I ALMOST bought a Rega table to replace a Denon tt UNTIL I listened to a SOTA Sapphire. Indeed there was a big difference and I purchased the SOTA.
I went from a Rega Planar 2 (my first TT) to a Pink Triangle, retaining the RB250 tonearm on the PT. This was about 25 years ago though and there have been many more since then! The PT was a massive step-up from the Rega at the time.
Rega Planar 2 >> Nottingham Interspace w/Rega PB300 >> Nottingham Interspace with Nottingham arm >> Nantais Lenco L78 replinth with SME series III >> Nantais Lenco L75 Monster replinth with AT 1005 mkII and Grace 747 arms. Go Idlers!
Rega Planar 3 to Oracle Delphi II, III and V, Sota Sapphire, Star and Cosmos IV, Transrotor Fat Bob, Custom PTP Lenco L75, Custom plinth Technics SP10, Solid Aluminum plinth Empire 208 and assorted others.
Is interesting to see most of the posters here went from a 1st or 2nd tier rega to a much higher end table (both cost and performance). I think in the $1000 to $1500 range the RP6 is a hard one to beat (I got a steal on mine). Looking forward to trying a AT33PTG/II cart on it very soon.
VPI and a step up from Fisher-Price
Never really "left" rega, but did embark on a series of upgrade including...

Started life as a rega planar II 30 years ago, then upgraded as follows
- rb250 arm
-SRM/TECH Deluxe Acrylic Platter
- Cardas monolithic rewire kit
- Michell Technoweight
- Rega II Motor Upgrade kit

Now on my final upgrade to an audiomods series 3 arm

Also made a new plinth that works so much better than the crappy rega one.

If I had my time over - I'd probably go for a vpi
In 1984 or 85 I left my planar 3 for the vpi hw19 mk iii with an sme v tone arm. But the rega was sure fun! (Had a grace 707 tone arm for the rega if I remember the model number right).

Was used with a great cartridge - the grace f9e (again I think).

All kinds of tweaks. Had a 1/2" strip of felt around the outside of the platter (facing vinyl) and a friction clamp on the spindle. Great sound for the $
I just sold a totally upgraded P5 for a Clearaudio.
The speed never bothered me too much on the Rega till I heard the correct speed on my Clearaudio which has much better tone and pace. The Satisfy arm is better too.
No more Rega's especially new ones with all the QC issues.
Read the Rega board on VE
I have gone from a Rega P5 to a P7 to a P9. I am happy where I am at now.
We all know Rega turntables are far from perfect. But the P7 and P9 offer alot of musical engagement regardless of cost. The P9 RB1000 tonearm is good enough for $2k+ phono cartridges. You probably need to move up to a Spiral Groove SG-2(15k?)to better a Rega P9 in every aspect.