What Bookshelf / Stand Mounted Speakers To Pair With Vintage Electronics?

Hi all, I recently purchased a 1970's Yamaha CA-810 Integrated and am wishing to replace my current speakers in this secondary system. I use this system for background music while working on hobbies but as you all understand, I want the best possible sound.  Can you guys give me  few choices to consider?  I have thought of Wharfedale, Epos, Monitor Audio, etc. I would look for used or check out Music Direct due to their return policy. My current speakers are old Yamaha bookshelf monitors. I listen to hard classic rock, blues, old school jazz, oldies, Beatles and Elton John. I like a non fatiguing sound.  Would like to stay under 800 bucks for the pair.  Thanks in advance.  
How about a pair of AR4's with rebuilt crossovers? Mine sound quite fine and didn't cost much! Back in the day (60's - 70's) they were highly rated! And would match well with the 810's power.
i always thought that vintage receivers play best with speakers of the same era, so i'd look for a/d/s (710, 810, etc.); ar is also a good rec
I have a refurbished CA-810 that sounds great with Snell Type D and Kll
also sounded great with some old Fried floor standers

I have a Yamaha CR1020 receiver that I've paired up to good effect with some ADS L570/2 standmounts.  The combo produces a wonderful and clear sound with no fatigue whatsoever. The soft domes in ADS speakers seem to match well to the crisp clean sound of vintage Yammy gear.
KLH 17  beat them all .
Thanks for all those suggestions!  I was thinking the same thing about vintage speakers might be the way to go.  
ADS all the way +1 for l710/810
I will be picking up a pair of KEF RDM2 3254 Reference Monitors later today. Let me know if you might be interested.

"i always thought that vintage receivers play best with speakers of the same era..."

Interesting observation but not my experience. I suspect its a more psychological effect mixed with nostalgia. My vintage JBL L40 speakers sound so much better with my current Vincent SP-331/tube preamp combo when compared to the Pioneer SX-980 that I used (and I still own) when I bought them back in 1977. Of course they are all now boxed up and live in the basement.