What book shelf monitor after Thiel CS5's?


I have had Maggie 1.2's, 1.7's, and 3.6's.

Then I moved to Thiel CS5's, which I think sound like sound like Maggies but with better bass and accuracy. There were other equipment change-outs as well so that bit about accuracy might not be fair.

If I decide to switch to something  smaller like a bookshelf speaker or monitor, what is out there that I should audition that will give me the Thiel or Magnepan kind of sound?



In 1991 we went over to a home where the the Audiophile network was meeting.
In the basement soundroom was a set of Thiel 5s ARC Pre, ARC classic mono's 300s Versa Dynamics table etc and we listened to Chris Issiak, The Fairfield Four and other cool music.
 Later everybody moved upstairs to listen to a pair of Proac stand mounted speakers with a Lectron tube amp about 40 watts per ch
 everyone remarked how wonderful it sounded.
Later in the next year I noticed that the Thiels were replaced by floor standing Proacs I think Response 4s and when I asked why this fellow told me he felt they were just more refined.
I always respected this fellows descriptions relative to music and audio.
 I would suggest you check out the current Proac Response D2s on a firm pair of stands. 
 Best JohnnyR
 Audio Connection
 Proac dealer