What better to power my 82db Magico Q5

Considering moving to a Soulution 711 states 300watts into 4 ohms. My current Devialet 800 states "Maximum output 2x800W under 6Ω"

Where i get confused is current. the soulution has 145A of current, which is massive. Devialet provides no measurement for current.

What is more important? Current or watts per channel, when it comes to powering a super inefficient speaker like the Q5?
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Quote Stereophile test results.
"As well as minimum values of 2.75 ohms at 56Hz, 3 ohms at 200Hz, and 2.8 ohms at 40kHz, there is an amplifier-crushing combination of 3.85 ohms and a –56°capacitive phase angle at 45Hz. This speaker really does need to be used with powerful solid-state amplifiers to sound its best."

This means an amp that can deliver very good current. I would go with the Solution 711 as it can do this, it keeps doubling wattage from 8 to 4 to 2ohms, this means it can do what's needed, "current", to get the very best out of the Magico's.

Cheers George
A carver sunfire might be a good choice?
Im using Pass 350.8 on Q3s sounds wonderful look at Pass Xs300 amps they have it all big power and wonderful sound.
Regarding the 145 ampere current spec, see this thread, especially the comments by me and Atmasphere. I think you'll conclude that like most amplifier current specs that is a meaningless number, which has no relevance to real world usage of the amplifier.

I agree with George that a much more meaningful figure for a solid state amp is its ability to double (or come close to doubling) its maximum rated power into halved impedances, down to low impedance values such as 2 ohms.

Although, as always IMO, specs should just be used for preliminary screening and ruling out of candidates that can be identified as unlikely to be good matchups, with the final selection being based on listening if at all possible.

-- Al
You should check in Ayre's offerings...
Is the reason you want to change the amps is that you are not happy with the sound? Perhaps you are blaming the amps when it might be the speakers?

I have heard the Magico's at Goodwins and Overature, and I have never been impressed with them. Yes they are beautifully made but they are way too dry and they can be bettered by other loudspeakers currently on the market.

Now I am not saying that the match with the Devialet is the right one either. Devialet has a sound which may or may not work for you, unfortunately Devalet doesn't give you any real options to mix and match components or cables to create the sound that you are craving which is why conventional rigs are appealing to many people.

So before you invest crazy money into new and extremely expensive electronics you may want to consider other areas.

Also there are other very powerful electronics setups which are way less expensive than the Solution gear which you might actually prefer.

The new Audia Flight reference line from Italy is a real contender and extremely powerful. I heard it at the last NY Audio Show, sounded great and is more powerful than the solution gear, also the new Thax Teres monoblocks 250 watts 8/350 4 ohm sound fantastic, Key Kim from Stereotimes just bought a pair..
Why not buy a Boulder? That's what Goodwin's was using when I heard a pair of Q5s, and it would seem to fit with the "what the people with too much money buy" theme of the rig.
Heard the top Magico's at this years CES and they were using the Soulutions. The sound was the best I have ever heard from a stereo system. If you can afford the Solutions go for them.
If it were me, if size, weight, power consumption or overall cost of ownership over time are factors at all, I'd be looking for a Class D amp that can double down to 4 and 2 ohms best. There may be a general correlation between this and current delivery capability but I would not go on current delivery specs alone.

Then of course, how loud you need to go will determine how much power is needed as well along with all the rest and also most likely how much the right amp will cost in the end.
BTW the sound of my system these days on all my speakers running off teh Class D Bel Canto ref1000m monoblocksreminds me a lot of teh sound I heard a few years back for reference with Magico Mini II driven by VAC amps and DCS digital source in a smaller dealer showroom. Very liquid sounding midrange, good dynamics and detail without being etched and excellent 3-D soundstage and imaging. Only higher output levels of the same possible as well even in my largest room as needed. I used other SS amps prior. The BC Class Ds have a lot to do with this "signature sound"
Q5s are wonderful need the best to sound there best.If you don't like Magico maybe your on the wrong thread.
I've heard the Magicos with Soulution as well...the sound was very well integrated as well as transparent and dynamic. So, imo, Soulution is a great choice. But try before you buy!
I'm currently using a pair of Merrill Veritas class D amps that I am finding amazing (three weeks in, as my VAC Phi 200 is out for an update). They double down quite comfortably to 2 ohms, and I'd bet they would handle the Q5's with aplomb. From what I'm hearing so far, they may pull me away from my insistent love of tube amps (driving a pair of TAD CR-1's). Just a thought.