What better the Krell KPS 28C??

Anyone actually heard the KPS 28C, what in Your opinion betters the 28C and why?
Matching mates however are the KCT pre and FPB 600C.
Thanks for looking and sharing!
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I have had the KPS28C in my system with a KCT and FPB200c for over a year now and I am very pleased. Previous CD player was a KRELL KAV250cd which was pretty good in its own right. I haven't had the chance to compare too many other CD players but it beats the pants off SACD on my SONY DVPNS999ES (but perhaps that is an unfair comparison). Though skeptical at first I found that the CAST system really does offer an improvement over the balanced and single ended options.
I agree with Jaynewt. I have the 28c connected to the KCT preamp and two FPB600c amps. The synergy is outstanding especially when using the CAST cabling. I've had mine for two years now and couldn't be happier. Krell has discontinued the 28c CD player and you can find great buys here on Audiogon. I also own a Sony SCD-1 for SACD playback. Great player but when it comes to redbook CD I always use the Krell. Happy listening!