What became of Mahgister?

I suddenly realized a few weeks ago that he was no longer with us. Does anyone know what happened?


I looked for it and found all sorts of pages about file types and even a band in the UK, but no mc or cable risers.

I believe Mahgister was older than most of us, late 70's or early 80's.

So it is possible his health could be the reason.

As for Miller his reasoning is the reason.  

Don't know why (something I read?) but thought that Mahgister was 4-5 years older then I am (I'm 67).

Difficult to tell with the anonymity of the Internet.

For example I've been posting here for the past 20+ years and could possibly be in reality 30+ something.

If the original DeKay faded away@ some later point in time and I then took his place (adopting his gawdawful writing style) I could then be in my teens.

This said, the handful of Audiogoner's I've personally met over the years were in fact true to their Internet age, though a few had some work done.



+1 @dekay 

I was wondering if anyone would pick up on the angel number.  Mahgister come across as a spiritual guy to me, so wouldn't surprise me one bit if it was an intentional stopping point.