What became of Mahgister?

I suddenly realized a few weeks ago that he was no longer with us. Does anyone know what happened?


haha, well I guess that’s it then - at least he didn’t die. probably resurface under some other name i’d imagine ... likely won’t be hard to recognize, ha

@secretguy 😏 ....always good to have an alternative hobby to amuse... ;) 

Misplaced?  Nah, just the usual sort of vague derail...

Take care out there, J

Mahgister was/is (?) very entertaining (for a Civilian or Angel...whatever...). A familiar voice in the Fog of Choices...

I love non-apologies. So mature and full of grace.

It’s also very interesting when one regularly participates in activities they go out of their way to describe as useless. 


I hope mahgister is doing ok, too.

Does he still have his system listed?

One of the wildest audiophile dens I've ever seen!