What became of Mahgister?

I suddenly realized a few weeks ago that he was no longer with us. Does anyone know what happened?


Jim, here's hoping the medical powers that be can one day restore what you lost.


I like the comments I've read by Mahgister....and he was kind regarding a few of my own posts.

Perhaps he's answered to a higher calling.

While I found it difficult to follow Mahgister's communication style or agree with his positions, I give him credit for keeping his composure and always being a gentleman, despite taking a fair amount of blowback.  I think he'd be better off on forums focused on philosophical issues... but not audio.

I'm not sure I like or care for the term 'civilians' in referencing Anyone 'here'.

On the other hand, I won't call out anyone for what they pursue, they like, nor to what level or excess they demonstrate in their choices or commentary on whatever is being 'discussed'....preferably in an rational fashion.

The term has a nasty, 'down the nose' aspect that reeks of 'Mho counts, yours is obviously fatally flawed' aspect that doesn't belong here.

It happens, sure.  Every f'n day...

Curb your enthusiasm, and pick up after it.


Helmholz, Kant, etc. may not be getting any rest.

But I don’t think that civilians are at the table in Valhalla.