What became of Mahgister?

I suddenly realized a few weeks ago that he was no longer with us. Does anyone know what happened?



I too was a musician and to this day I can say I dislike about 98% of rap junk. I also "played" jazz and much of the "new age" disonants I also could not stand.

I do not revere the "Beatles" either thinking they set back rock and roll about 10 years when they first appeared and seemed to evaporate the girl groups emerging at the time.

Now markedly, the Beatles rise to fame were on the lips of millions of screaming "teeny bobbers" who had little understanding of music or chord structure.

It is the "general public" that votes with their pocket books on what remains cogent at the time. Quality of said music structure or harmonic combos or note progressions would lose out to that profusely all of the time whether good or bad.





I too am a lifelong trained musician, and have been a professional one for about 25 years.

On top of being a “non-civilian,” I’m also a lifelong grumpy, cynical, judgmental person with no compunction about issuing scathing judgement on bad music.  I’ve gotten into trouble with plenty of folks for crapping on the music they like (it appears many people consider harsh judgement on the music they like as an affront to their very character, which is inexplicable to me, hence the ‘getting into trouble’ part)

However, even I would be unable to use the word, “civilian” in this context with a straight face. That is one unintentionally-hilarious, pompous use of a word.

Us musicians ain’t Navy Seals or Green Berets.

Saying, “I really dislike (blank)…” is different from saying, “you like (blank) so therefore your opinion is inherently invalid.”




@secretguy ”Putting rap and jazz in the same thought tells me all I need to know about your tastes.”

Why so nasty?

I am the "civilian" that you are referring to and just to let you know that if you read the thread where he insulted me you will then know what happened, the thread happens to be Classical Music for Afficionados, there you will learn all.

Just so you know my background I am not a civilian but an ex classical guitarist and lutenist. I used to play music from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern eras. If it had not been for late diagnosed diabetes, I may have still been playing my beloved instruments. As it is now, I have Peripheral Neuropathy which has robbed me of all feeling in my hands and feet. That sir is why I do not play anymore. I now know what Jaqueline Du Prey must have felt when she had to give up her cello. I am not looking for sympathy only saying that everyone has the right to protest against music and composers that do not "do" it for you. Please try and see the other persons point before you jump in with both barrels blazing.

Jim, here's hoping the medical powers that be can one day restore what you lost.


I like the comments I've read by Mahgister....and he was kind regarding a few of my own posts.

Perhaps he's answered to a higher calling.