What AVP to buy

Current build:
Onkyo TX-NR807
Furman ELITE-15 DM i
Anthem Amp: PVA 8 (8 channels, RCA inputs, 125 continuous watts per channel)
Paradigm S6 v3 (right, left and center)
Monitor Audio GS 10 (2009) rears
Outlaw ECS-10 (x2) (one next to each front)
Velodyne DSL-R
Panasonic TCP60GT30
HTPC (i7 Processor, 4-3 TB HDs, 120 SSHD for OS, Gigabyte Video card, ASRock Extreme 6 MB, 8 Gig Ram)
The addition of the HTPC has been a great addition, providing amazing picture quality. Maybe I’ll never turn on the PS3 again. New Kimber Kables are due in January.
I’m still not satisfied with the sound. The DACs in the Onkyo are not adequate. A good DAC is likely in order, however the Onkyo does not have multi-channel inputs. I’ve been investigating a new AVP to replace the Onkyo. I was offered an Integra 80.2 (B-stock) for $1,600 the other week and yesterday was offered a Marantz AV7005 for $925, of course the new Marantz AV8801 is out now too for $3,500.
What suggestions do people have for a replacement of the Onkyo?
If you're happy with all the other functionality of the Onkyo, why not add an external DAC to the loop improve on the DAC and save some money. There are plenty of good DAC's from $350-$3000 that would fill the bill, depending on what you want to spend.

Just a thought. Personally, I use a Benchmark DAC-1 on my Home Theater 7.1 system, and a Electric Minimax Dac Plus on my 2 channel rig. Both are in the $1100/1200 new cost range, much less used if you can find them. Plenty of other good choices out there too.

Good luck and happy listening....