What AV amplifier for 4 x b&W + centre


I have 4 x b&w 803 d3 + centre and currently all this is run by Arcam 850 

Could you please suggest how to improve sound ? 
Would it be a good idea to buy Classé 5300 and then look for another processor ? Can I use my old Arcam and add the Classé as an amplifier only ?
Maybe it is possible to add powerful stereo amp to fronts and adjust Arcam to only rear and centre ?

Any advice would be appreciated 

   Is it mostly for music or movies? If movies, I would consider adding a sub. If music, I would add a power amp for the fronts and listen to stereo only - if Arcam has that capability.

   Hope this helps...
Maybe look for a Krell Trio 3-channel amp to do your front stage.  The use the Arcam for surrounds.  The Krell is likely very close to the Arcam sound.   Or get the Arcam PA720 amp if you want to match the sound exactly.

the Classe 5300 will have a different sound.  Cleaner and more neutral than Arcam.  Arcam has a somewhat smooth and liquid coloration in my opinion.  However, I did try Classe once in my system with B&W D3 and the sound was rather flat/sterile.  Caphill feels completely differently though.

there are other amps that would do well with B&W
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Thank you for all your help to date
I went to my local dealer this morning and to my surprise they have Classé stereo amp + 803 d3 in their studio    I fell in love immediately and ordered 5300    Hope 5 channel will sound same good 

I will be pairing the amp with my old Arcam 850 ( serving as processor )    I am quite nervous about this.  
I feel that I have to start looking for a new processor 

if any of you have any suggestions please let me know 

many thanks 

Questions. Do you have a budget in mind? Do you need support for 4K and/or HDR? Support fo Dolby Atmos? Room correction?
Thank you.  Definitely 4K 

I have no intention adding more speakers therefore most likely Atmos is not a must.  
Room correction sounds like a nice think to have.  
I like sharp / clear sound and use the system 50/ 50 music / HT 

would 10k be enough to spend on up to date good sounding processor ? 
 A B&W sub adds a lot to the sound - I like mine although I have floor speakers with decent bass - still the sub adds something in my humble opinion...
Just ordered Velodyne DD 15+ 

only the processor left to sort out 

thank you all for your help to date 
Sorry, I’ve been out of town and driving/traveling a lot.

For your budget and requirements, the Krell Foundation 4K comes to mind. It’s $7500 retail and about $4500 used. Make sure to get the latest "4K" model. The earlier model does not support 4K. The Foundation has excellent power supply and audio stages - excellent audio resolution. It is only a 7.1 processor, so you are paying for probably the best 8 channel processor that still supports 4K (everything else is already doing 13-15 channels). Krell has it’s own ARES room correction, which is pretty good but it’s been said that others are better. That being said, the Krell does not support HDR (high dynamic range, which is extended color depth). If HDR is a requirement, you will need to look elsewhere.

If you want HDR, maybe look at a used McIntosh MX-160 (probably around $8-9k). It’s based on the Lyngdorf DSP/processing board and software, but uses all McIntosh power supply and DAC/analog stages. The configuration flexibility is excellent for a processor. The room correction system is supposed to be very excellent.

Alternatively, I have heard that the Audiocontrol M9 has excellent sound (retail $8900). However, the configuration flexibility is somewhat limited (i.e. you can only do a global subwoofer crossover frequency settting, etc.).

A NOTE: I am not a fan of room correction. I prefer doing acoustic treatments and very minor manual EQ if I can. However, others love room correction.
The Mac is pretty old tech without getting the brand new one. The Arcam you already have is pretty nice. You could move to the Arcam AV860. Another option is the more traditional route of the Marantz 8805. I like the frequent updates from Marantz. It’s a really good processor and will be rock solid. 
Thank you Guys.  
I will look for a dealer i can hear McIntosh and let you know my thoughts 

Hmmm, just be aware that most dealers that have the MX-160 will likely have it all hooked to only McIntosh amplifiers.  I do know for a fact that the Mac amps are very laid back in the midrange (and overall).  It will NOT sound like your Classe 5300 and you could actually be dissappointed because of the lack of excitement from the Mac amps.  This may or may not be a result of the MX-160 processor, so if they can hook it to higher resolution amps, it will give you a better idea of what it will sound like in your system.
@mayoradamwest - why would you call MX-160 old tech?  It does use the new Lyngdorf DSP/processing hardware.  

The MX-150/151 is the "older tech" platform.
The 160 is nice and if just using for pass through it’s probably fine but lacks the latest HDMI HDCP 2.3 and most of the HDR formats like Dolby Vision. 
Well, I guess it depends on how current you want to be and how current your sources actually are.  The MX-170 does support those newer HDMI standards, but the retail is $15.5k.  That is, if you want to be in the "always get the cutting edge" technology mindset.
That’s why I think the 8805 is a tremendous value if your system is primarily a home theater. 
Well, I agree that Marantz AV8805 is an excellent product for the cost.  However, it's important to know that it carries the Marantz "sound", which is warm and full, but has softened high frequencies.  Some people may not get the visceral impact/excitement that they are expecting if they choose this processor.  That being said, it is likely to be an excellent pairing with fast amps such as Bryston and fast/bright speakers such as Monitor Audio or KEF.  It is just too warm sounding for neutral systems.
@tcooper656 — what preamp were they using for a preamp when you bought your amp?  If Classe, maybe it would make sense to consider a Classe prepro.  There are several SSP800s available here now around $2500 originally priced around $9000.  I don’t think it does the latest things like ATMOS but sounds like that might not be important to you.  Obviously there should be good synergy between this and your new amp.
like your post. I was so much impressed with the sound and the amp I did not even notice the ore amp it was used in the set up.   
I am using my Arcam 850 s a processor and very happy with the quality for both the TV and music 

I was told Classe due to launch the new processor   Is it true ? 
My system is only 5.1 so maybe I do not need the latest technology    It has to support 4K though 

thank you all for helping me to get where I am at now !!!!
Tom, your on to it with your suggestion of separate multi-ch power amp to bi-amp L&R speakers and use your Arcam for other speakers.
For now, if you Arcam is a 7.2 avr and allows bi-amping L&R speakers you'll notice a step up in sound w/o investing any money for now. I use a Yamaha 140 wpc 7.2 amp and I'm able to allocate 2 rear surround channels to the front L&R for bi-amping and noticed improved sound from front speakers.

Oops! I just read all the posts instead of skipping half of them, so disregard my previous post. I see you made a really nice choice. Classe/ B&W is a classic combination. Hopefully my previous post will be of use to someone sometime.