What Audio Research preamp would be an upgrade to my LS2B

I am thinking of upgrading from my Audio Research LS2B to another Audio Research preamp. It would have to be substantially better so if any one has any advice it would be appreciated. My other equipment 
is a Mark Levinson 532H Amp and a Audio Research PH3 with a VPI Turntable.
Do you have a mk1 or mk2 Ls2b and what is your budget.

Audio research has several upper model preamps it depends on how much your willing to spend.

There is lots of other brands also unless you want to stick to AR.

Best of luck to you,

I moved from an Audio Research LS2B to an LS25 mk2 and the difference was huge. I have now moved to a Ref 5se and again the difference is huge.

 The LS25 mk2 is really a  nice preamp, Very detailed with a large 3 dimensional sound stage. It would be my suggestion unless you can afford a Ref 2 nk2 or Ref 3.

I always liked the ARC products and I am happy with the LS2B but the bug has me wanting more? As far as budget I will pay for the right fit. The LS2B is the Mk 1

It was from someone like you that I was looking forward to hearing from. Thank you for your input because you know the LS2B and made the move. I haven't heard the LS25, but you say it is a big improvement Oh boy! 
(((LS2B but the bug has me wanting more? As far as budget I will pay for the right fit.))
 Take a listen to the new LS 28 I have compared the various ARC line stages over the years although always decent the latest group ac-cells well beyond what was ten years ago or even more recent years efforts.
 Best JohnnyR
 ARC dealer

 The LS25 needs to be a mk2. I compared the mk1 and mk2 and the mk2 is much better. The LS25  mk2 and Ref 2 mk2 were the first ARC preamps to use the 6H30 tube. After having my LS25 mk2 for a number of years I thought about upgrading.  I brought home a demo LS27 for a weekend. But in the end thought t was not worth the upgrade. In my system the LS27 sounded a bit thin to me and lacked the body of the LS25 mk2. It really took me the Ref 5se to convince me I needed to upgrade.

 If you can afford it though I would opt for a Ref 2 mk2. I like the tubes in the power supply. I think they really add something to the sound. 

 Either way I think you will be amazed at the difference. Preamps have come a long way even in the last 5 years. The Ref 5se continues to amaze me every day. I like it so much that I upgrade my phono preamp to the matching Ref Phono 2se

I have a VPI table, the ARC Ref3 and ARC PH7.  The amps can be had for under half price used and while they may be the red haired step children by todays standards, they are extremely good and good value.  I love being able to tube roll the PH7.  

I'll tag on to Audioconnection's comments on the LS 28. I heard it yesterday with the new Foundation Series VT 80 tube amp. Wow, was it good. One of the guys from Audio Research was there and said that he felt the LS 28 was a little better than the Ref 5se. I guess you'd need to take that with a grain of salt since he was trying to sell me on the setup. I've never heard the Ref 5se but I can tell you the LS 28 was very nice. The source was the Ref 9CD and that system with the Wilson Audio Sabrina's was really good. It's got me dreaming big time.
hollytone22---Wait a year and buy the LS28 Mk.2 ;-). It will no doubt "make the LS28 sound broken". Or get an Atma-Sphere Mp3 or Ear-Yoshino 868. Both are available as line stage only or as line & phono stage, so you can ditch the PH3, a dated design.
Thanks for the insight on some of the options that you mentioned.
I will explore my options and see what works best for me.

i had a LS2B as one of my first serious preamps. The upgrade to a ARC SP 16 was a huge jump. The LS2B was a bit dark and rolled off compared to the SP16. Honestly, the LS2B is a dated design with its single bottle that any upgrade will yield sonic benefits, IMHO
Guy's I took your input and upgraded to a LS25Mkll and yes it is a tremendous difference. Lostbears I went with your suggestion and it
was dead on. All the rest were great also and I appreciate the advice.
Time to go and listen!!!