what arm for kiseki agate ruby?

I found the specs of the cart on Vinyl Engine and through the tonearm cartridge compatibility chart it is recommended to use a low mass arm. I see many people doing the opposite; I usually see a Fidelity FR-64. What gives?

The specs of 20 compliance and weight of 11 grams does scream low mass.

Does anyone have this cartridge and can recommend an arm or make sense of this?

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Thanks Viridian!

It is a red herring!!

Based on the specs it screams low mass, but the problem is not many low mass arms (back then) could handle a 11.2 gram cartridge.

Right now I have an Audiocraft AC-300 that could work but not worthy of such a nice cartridge.

I used a Purple Heart Saphire in a Zeta tonearm for quite a while in back in the day. Perhaps not a great match on paper but I got great musical sound, so I echo Viridian's suggestion re: a high mass arm.
I still have the cart but unfortunately not the arm.
Thanks for the insight Lespier. By the way I think you have the most impressive system that I have seen on this site in years, because you had courage to invest in diy all the way.
It looks awesome. Love the diy tables.

I am going to try the Kiseki on a Alphason HR100s; on paper it looks right and it's a gimble on a idler which is traditionally good to go.