What area or country do you live in ?

It's always interesting hearing members choices and opinions of equipment and set-ups on here. So many times, I have never even heard of equipment that is mentioned, only to find out that this person in living in another county from mine. I thought it would be interesting to see where we all live

I'll start

Southeastern Ohio, USA

Northern Rhode Island.
@newf27 and for a period home to the great poet Jim Harrison

@flatblackround.  He was fantastic but lacking much material played his hit 3 times....
i lived at Agora
saw many many great shows there, drinks at bar with James Honeyman Scott of Pretenders RIP
Dixie Dregs
George Thorogood
Tommy Tutone 
Wendy O Williams.....



I spent lots of evenings in my youth at that Agora in Columbus Ohio. Local bands the Muff Brothers and Godz were regulars that packed the place back in the 70’s. Now it’s called Newport Music Hall and the last time I was there was to watch my sons band play.

South Bend, Indiana Home of the Notre Dame fitting Irish 
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan north suburban Detroit--home to more great musicians than I can count and 2 miles from Salk Sound.
Not far from the rolling foothills of the Smokey Mountains in East Tennessee and a rolling stone’s throw from Chattanooga, the birthplace of the great Bessie Smith.
I live in a state of perpetual groove.
Shell Cove , NSW, Australia. Hi Fi desert.
Lexington, Kentucky 
St Louis ...hence the name and pic ! 
Cambridge. Lovely small town.(19,500 people)
New Zealand.
Mid summer now. about 23 degrees C

Northern lower Michigan. We Michiganders have to specify because we have two peninsulas.
About 30 miles North of Seattle as the crow flies..
Phoenix, AZ , by the time I ...
Another ex-New Yorker, actually Long Island. For the past thirty years, living near what used to be sunny, Roanoke, Virginia. Before that ten years thirty miles north of Seattle, just like Freediver above. This past year Roanoke’s seen more rain than the rainy season Han_n is currently experiencing in Surabaya, Indonesia, and Seattle always has going, combined. Raining right now again. Moved from Seattle to escape that... Oh well, at least it’s not snowing.


They all sound like nice places but they’re not New Orleans! NOLA here.
Born in Ohio, lived in PA, AR, LA, TX, DE currently live in central Jersey
Early Life: Sonoran Desert
Active Life: US Air Force - - all over the world
Retired Life: Alexandria, Virginia
Just outside of Sacramento Ca.
I'm not too far from you, nitrobob: I've settled in the Pittsburgh, PA area. Although I had lived in multiple states from coast to coast.
La Crescenta, CA — just north of Pasadena (hi jameswei) and LA (hi Erik, and thanks for the tip on Higher Note — I’ll check them out). 
@David Pritchard — where would I find more info on the audio open houses you mentioned?

Some of the stuff you talk about here it's very hard to come by over here

50 miles S/O Cleveland, Ohio but this time of year St. John’s USVI.

I'm not too far from you, nitrobob: I've settled in the Pittsburgh, PA area. Although I had lived in multiple states from coast to coast

My son just started a new job in Pittsburgh; he moved there from the Jersey Shore.   How do you like Pittsburgh?   I get the sense it has done an awesome job of reinventing itself after the winding down of  the steel industry.  
South Africa where we had a heatwave most of the summer so far. Lived in the USA from 1998-2008. The exchange rate is not in our favor so hifi is a luxury. Just bought a Musical Fidelity MX dac and will have to cut back on every thing to survive. LOL
The sound difference is significant and the redbook cds sound like top class SACDs. Using a Oppo DV-981HD and a Sony DVP-S9000ES. I so wish that there was a way to push the SACD's through this DAC.
3 hours from NYC, 3 hours from Boston and 3 hours from Montreal (driving).
Washington DC, the heart ❤️ of the beast.
Near Olympia, WA 

I was with some audio enthusiast friends last night and we were talking about some of the companies here in Washington - Modwright, Parks Audio, Carver, Shunyata, Blue Jeans Cable... I'm sure there are more I'm not thinking of.
I will let you know very soon.
I’m guessing Arkansas. 
Las Cruces, New Mexico. Moved here from Seattle to retire. Sorry to say the nearest  HI-FI  shops are in El Paso, TX ( 45 Minute trip) and  Albuquerque, NM ( 3 Hour trip). I miss Seattle where I could visit shops during my lunch break. 
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Burlington, Vt. 45 miles from the Canadian border.
Just outside of Boston MA. Tomfoolery - my oldest son goes to UVM. We love Burlington, tempted to retire there.
tomfoolery13 posts01-24-2019 11:18amBurlington, Vt. 45 miles from the Canadian border.

>>>>One wonders if you can smell the marijuana from Burlington.
'The Media Capitol of the World' Burbank, CA.
Lafayette Louisiana, the heart of "Cajun Country".  Not so great for access to gear, but man what a great place to be for music.  You can't throw a stick in this town without hitting a Grammy winner, plus NOLA is just 2 hours away. Oh and we have a fantastic local record shop.
Centennial, Colorado.

What a diverse group.
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