What area or country do you live in ?

It's always interesting hearing members choices and opinions of equipment and set-ups on here. So many times, I have never even heard of equipment that is mentioned, only to find out that this person in living in another county from mine. I thought it would be interesting to see where we all live

I'll start

Southeastern Ohio, USA

Inhaling the fragrant air of Amish country in Lancaster County, PA👃🏼

The Upper Penninsula of Michigan, the portion north of Wisconsin near Canada.  We call ourselves “Yoopers”.  More deer than people.  Deep in the woods, retired with my wife on a freshwater lake.  No neighbors.  Our long cold winters drive me into my music listening cave.  Thank goodness for snowplows, the internet, e-bay, Audiogon, Fed Ex and UPS, which keeps us connected to the world.  Without them, would never have access to tubes, vinyl, & equipment.   
I live in the mountains of Upper East Tennessee, the neck of the woods is called Blackbottom. 
Northern Crooked County, Chicago suburbs!
I am not going to mention anything about the weather...
Fort Washington, MD in the Washington DC suburbs.