what are your top "audio bargins" in your system history?

It is great to have all the money you need to have the best and endless upgrading.  But what about the components you've had that were inexpensive that turned out to be favorites of yours?


The following bargains were found at thrift stores or garage sales:

Marantz 2235B receiver, $10

Pioneer SA-1000 integrated amplifier, $10

Soundcraftsmen 2640TX speaker, $6

Technics SL-1200M3D turntable, $12

Pioneer HPM-100 speakers (near mint pair), $125

TARA Labs Space and Time speaker cables (two 8-feet pairs), $8

I have other cheap finds,  but these stand out.



The 1986 classic Croft Micro phono preamp for £150. Blew away a stack of Naim gear. Rolled in some Dynaco Telefunken 12AX7s and a Brimar black plate CV5042 and it drove my system for years.

Schitt Mani. B&W Matrix 804s when they were still made in the UK. Now, I wont buy Chinese made speakers.

Off the top of my head... The Puron Filter! $250 for a huge improvement in audio and also video.

Awesome! Highly recommended.