what are your top "audio bargins" in your system history?

It is great to have all the money you need to have the best and endless upgrading.  But what about the components you've had that were inexpensive that turned out to be favorites of yours?


Elac Adante AF-61 tower speakers (Andrew Jones designed) purchased new in early 2021 for $2500 a pair, half off their original retail price. These are extremely revealing speakers which pair very nicely with my McIntosh MA-6500 Integrated amp. My McIntosh Integrated was also purchased used in pristine condition for $2500 from Audio Classics. I have been very happy with the performance and value from this 5K combo.


+1 Advents were my first real speakers and it was hard to let them go. They cost me $200 and I had to spend $1400 to get something better sounding.

Used LP's at the Goodwill for $3.....many of them almost mint.  And a set of mint, original, clean and working perfectly Dahlquist DQ 10 for $375.

My Marantz SA7S1 super audio player was a game changer in my system. Got it as a floor model for less than half price and is still spinning discs and sounding beautiful.