What are your top 5 (digital music) songs?

Just wondering if the digital audiophiles (exluding the phono or analog only listeners) have a favorite top ten list of songs?
for example-
Aretha Franklin - version of Soul Serande on the album " I never loved a man the way I love you"
Flac versions welcome, so are AIFF or MQA. Please tell us if you are downloading or streaming or playing a cd or digital file. What is your original source of the file?
Trying to assemble a list of great sound digital music for all.
Well, I’m away from my cd collection right now and I don’t usually keep track of which songs sound best, but I can suggest a few cds that most people may not have heard that I like and think sound good.

Allison Moorer - The Hardest Part
(Warning! This is country music) She has a great voice and the songs are delivered with an emotional punch that you don’t hear very often. If you look into the story of the album it’s easy to understand why.

Hope Waits (No relation to Tom)
A bluesy, jazzy, rock mix in excellent sound from another female vocalist produced by Peter Malick, the guy who brought us Norah Jones. Unfortunately, Hope didn’t catch on the way Norah did and I think this is her only album.

Carrie Newcomer - The Geography of Light
A folk-rock Quaker from the midwest with a warm alto voice who sings about the simple things in life beautifully.

The Essential Everly Brothers - UK import
This 50 track 2 cd overview sounds great (maybe the UK master tapes haven’t been played as much as the US’s) and can be purchased on ebay or Amazon for $7. If you’re not familiar with the Brothers, this is a great place to start.

I like the Beatles Yellow Submarine Songtrack even though it’s been compressed some and I look forward to hearing the Sgt. Pepper’s remix.

I hope this gets things rolling.