What are your latest greatest Podcasts you dig?

Thought to ask here what other's feel are their fav podcasts... just audio... or video & audio... they download regularly?

I'm looking for some interesting ones now. They don't all have to be about music either. Interesting? Off the beaten path? Mainstream? INformative? Funny? Historical? or just flat entertaining?

Any of the above works for me. Thanks.
Art Bell reruns, get them in itunes, there is also an Art Bell side bar gadget that plays his rerun shows 24/7. Motteys Garage, I-94 bar, punkradiocast.com, shinygreymonotone.com has a ton of stuff to download. WONC streaming radio Naperville, IL. WXRT Chicago Radio stream, Bonnaroo podcasts, pitchfork.com
it's worth hunting down and listening to every RadioLab ever made...

Art Bell huh?


Anyone seen any Red Green podcasts?


Radiolab is fantastic and thought provoking. It is a production of National Public Radio -- you know, the brooadcaster that The Forces of Ignorance (i.re., Republican party) want to de-fund to preserve the republic! Look for Radiolab in iTunes Store under Audio Podcasts. It's free.

Soundopinions. Greg K. and Jim D. host this weekly broadcast. I've enjoyed it for several years. It's affiliated with Chicago public radio. Don't miss the listener call ins at the end of each week's podcast, where listeners comment on previous episodes, pretty entertaining. A good way to keep up on contemporary pop music, the music industry and recycled perspectives on older pop/rock.
Oh and The Ol' Hippie Show, use google to find it