What are your high fidelity ct1 impressions?

I want to know what your impressions are of the high fidelity ct1 vs other cables you have tried. Open to all answers and opinions
They are nice, they do some things very well.
@jmcgrogan2. They really do. What I have learned through all the cable demos from different brands that I have listened to is that I want a cable that that delivers a natural pleasing sound sound. Some cables don't get it done. There are some cables that get it done in different ways. There are cables that sound fake. There are some cables that choke the sound or add drastic colorations. The ct1 doesn't do any of that which is a good thing. I have have tried the following brands. I'm not saying that any of these are good or bad. I have tried kimber, clarus, audioquest, tara labs, cardas, morrow, atlas, analysis plus, synergestic research, dh labs, tributaries, vovox, mit, acoustic zen, monster, shunyata, sablon audio, fusion audio and high fidelity ct1. I have had all of these in my home for demo at some point. High fidelity is one that I was happy to have. I will just say that. Not saying the others did not work. Some of them did. Some of them didn't. High fidelity ct1 is in the did camp.
Calvinj, do you you confirmation from other people? If you are happy with them, why start a new thread especially since there is another one that is very extensive. Sorry, I just really dont understand the point.
Hey I understand. Some people will some people won't. If you don't. You can go to other threads you understand.
@branislav. Please don't take offense. Just being direct.