What are your general thoughts of B&W speakers

What do you guys think of B&W speakers. Specifically, the 800 series diamond line. What are their strengths and weakness? I know I will get quite a few different opinions on this subject. If you had 8 to 10k to spend on a pair of towers, what would you choose? I prefer to buy new so, for the sake of this discussion to new retail products only and stay away from used. I have listened to the B&W 804 diamond quite a bit. I don't have any high end dealers near me but, I can make a drive to audition some brands within an hours drive. What should I sit down to listen to in this price range?
Well, I must agree that the B&W 800 series is good bang for the buck overall. Best to go to England and buy them there at half the price over here. Are they the ultimate, no, but there's a lot of happy people who think they are. So who cares what we think, Dinster?

I prefer the old 801 Matrix 2 and even the 3. That was a truly great speaker. But it had a crappy crossover and needed the biggest high current amp you could get your mitts on.
Is the op even here anymore? If so, you might want to look at some tyler acoustics speakers also.
Really enjoying some 805D speakers currently. It's a toss up between them and my Gallo 3.5 - can't decide which I like better! The 805D with a Rel Strata is currently hooked up and sounding outstanding. Very textured, high resolution sound that is not fatiguing in the slightest.
I hold B&W speakers in high regard, i own a pair of 802D's and wouldnt trade them for the world, they are well rounded and reproduce voice perfectly. They can be considered sharp & dry which i would say is correct, thats not a bad thing. Consider what someone sounds like singing/ talking to you from 4 metres away then what it might sound like in your ear 200mm away. the dryness comes from the recording not the speaker. all the sharpness from s' and t's when people announce these sounds are sharp and dry beside your ear but smooth when your a certian distance away from them. when recorded the artist is right infront of the mic so all those details will be picked up. The fact your speakers reproduce that back to you is just a testamant of their accurcy and quality. If you dont hear tat in other speakers you not hearing what your supposed to.

Dryness and harshness is accurate representation not a lack of quality a bad trait. You can EQ out what you dont like, dont blame the speaker because its too good.
Cool, as long as you're happy. There's many happy users of the 802Ds. It's a good speaker, for all intense purposes. It not flawless, but what speaker is...