What are your favorite web pages?

We all know that AUDIOGON is the best for what we come here for. A close second would be AUDIO REVIEW, although I think the software is a bit cumbersome and there are too many adds. Someone recently suggested looking at AVSFORUM for home theatre and it is through here I found updates on info regarding HD antennas, but again....no comparison in quality to Audiogon.

What web pages do you go to, audio or otherwise? Comments on the web pages are appreciated.
OK, here is my honest answer. None of these are competitors of Audiogon, as there are none.

You already know this one, or should.

In my opinion the best music search site

Great for driving directions

Frequently updated weather predictions

My favorite computer

Great software for all Palm based gadgets.
If you want a good laugh check out:

click on 'toons, then "features", then "Strong Bad Email" make sure the sound is on.

"If you had superpowers, would you use them for good or for awesome!"
Another audio website is: audioweb.com. I've bought and sold there before. Not really close to Audiogon's size or quality, but you may find a few componets of interest for sale.
Albert, Thanks for that website, allmusic.com that you mentioned some time ago. It has become one of my favourites.

Hey Dekay first, on your recommendation I checked out Albert's allmusic site. Fantastic site. So good that I eagerly went direct to mulletsgalore....huh?
Hey Jeff:

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

What can I say?
I have a big collection of Favorites ,but these are the ones I mainly use for Info!If you want to know what is going on then you'll be able to find most of it at these places.

--News & Weather--
NY Times
Intellicast Weather

--Audio Sites--
Audio Asylum(Most informative)
Audio Circle(So-So,but they do have the Cos.designers post)
SoundStage BB
All Music-Great to reseach artist
Audiogon Used--Best to find deals I know of
DIY News
Audioreview BB(most closed minded)&Latest reviews(pretty good)
Madisound BB(Professional)

--Computer News--
Toms Hardware

--Stock News--
Market Watch
OTC Eagle
Silicon Investor

My two other hobbies:

The Tour de France time again.

Decent place for news:http://www.economist.com/

Best online tube mag:http://www.tubecad.com/
Second best:http://www.valvediy.com/valve.html

There was a topic on the Tour de France a few months ago - can't find it now, but since there was a lot of interest in biking on audiogon, thought I would share this with y'all: www.worldcycling.com has put out a 12 hour DVD with extensive coverage of the 2003 TDF (also 10 hour DVDs going back to 1999).

Since I do not have cable and have not seen any of the Tours this was a real find for me. The coverage is excellent...great material for indoor training rides.
I find myself FEELING political for the first time in my middle-aged life. I'll leave my personal politics out of the post, but for great analysis of the players and peoples in this newly reshaped world, I find myself checking out The Whiskey Bar and Juan Cole's "Informed Comment" on a regular basis.

As far as music, I often tune into BBC6 Music from my small cube in NH to hear fresh tunes from across the pond.

And for pure silly distraction, a daily visit to Dave Barry's Blogspot often raises a smile or two.
I just spotted this thread being referanced elsewhere in our discussion forums: