What are your favorite songs or albums for illustrating a deep soundstage?

I’m optimizing my seating position and speaker position in my room and need some new musical selections to use as a reference for projecting depth well beyond the speakers. What are your top choices?

Bonus points if they are available on Qobuz or Tidal, though vinyl record suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance!


Just a reminder, you suggested that I listen to Isolde Lasoen’s album “Oh Dear”.  The track Douce Melancolie is one of the best for extending past the speakers, but doesn’t qualify as new to you.

Brick House by Sara K. (A Chesky recording.)

Overture & March "1776" Composed By – Ives*

Thank you for the excellent suggestions so far. I’m excited to try some of the new tracks late this evening.

@bdp24 I am having a hard time finding that particular album on digital, but I am seeing a compilation that has many of the Planets track with Sir Boult and New Philharmonia. Hopefully that is the same performance. 

@tylermunns I love Mazzy Star and Beck, both good tracks. Will look into Elton.

@tomcarr Also great suggestions. I should also revisit Roger Waters Amused to Death. I never really got to know Supertramp, so this will be my first foray. 

@hilde45 I love Sara K and have that on CD. Will have to give it a shot. Classical examples are also very welcomed. 

More than anything, I am looking for tracks that holographically image well past the front wall between the speakers. I have no issues with my speakers disappearing and having a tall and wide soundstage, about 180-degrees wide or more. But I also envy setups where it feels like there is a really layered presentation in the center as if you can hear performers 20-30ft in front of you. I know a lot of this has to do with positioning and the speakers’ distance from the wall. One thing I’ve noticed is that many systems that have a deep soundstage do not have a wide, enveloping one that goes 180-degrees around the listener. Instead, those deep stages are limited to about 110-120-degrees. There are rare instances, but that’s my experience. I want to attain the best depth while retaining the size of the width and height I am getting.