What are your favorite SACDs and why?

I love my SACDs and really wish there were more of them.
What are your favorites?
For both 2 channel and 5.1 I think mine is Roxy Music Avalon. Well recorded and on the 5.1 side really well engineered. Plus great music. Second would be Pink Floyd DSOTM.
I refuse to buy SACDs of albums that I already have on vinyl, cassette and CD. However, to answer your question I
like "Blue Country Heart" by Jorma Kaukonen. It's very bluegrass, singer/songwriter stuff that I like. I also agree with both choices from Theo.
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Agree with "Avalon" but Brian Ferry's "Boys and Girls" is even better IMO.
Max Steiner music from Mark twain on the Naxos label.
I wasn't aware of "boys and girls" on SACD. I must get that I also have the other title mentioned. I would discuss the sound track to Oh Brother... but it seems I must R-U-N-O-F-T!
I just got the SACD of Dire Straits first album...much fuller sound with deeper bass and instrument separation...especially the rhythm guitar of David Knopfler...really adds to the sense of space

Also just got the SACD of Who's Next...phenomenal improvement.
The CCR's are really good. Autumn Shuffle by Peder Af Uglass too.SRV's Texas Flood is to die for. Junior Well- Come On In This House is good. Lots more. Slowhand. I prefer DVD-A's though as I can rip those to my computer.
Did David take Mark's place in Dire Straits?
I was not aware that Whos Next was available on SACD.

Also just got the SACD of Who's Next...phenomenal improvement.
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I have heard the SACD version of Who's Next in my system, and the Canadian CD (MCA Records, MCABD 37217) mastered by Steve Hoffman makes the SACD seem anemic by comparison. You will be wowed by the fidelity, dynamics and power on this release.
Tommy is awesome on SACD.
Because it is one of my favorite Dylan albums Infidel is one of my favorite SACD Cd's.
Jazz: Chick Corea & Friends - RendezVouz in New York

Rock/Pop - The Who, Tommy

classical - Minnesota Orchestra,Osmo Vänskä, LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN Symphonies Nos. 3 "Eroica" & 8

BIS- 1516(SACD)
Hi Edorr,
I am enjoying the Chick Corea discs right now as well.
Picked it up on eBay at crazy low price. Before receiving it,I was doubting how the sound quality would be. I paid something like 8 bucks plus shipping for a double sacd and it was being shipped from China!I had very low expectations.
What an amazing surprise.Wonderful sounding live recording with some terrific music.


I saw the china copy listed on ebay as well. You can also get the complete 8 (I believe) DVDs series . I have it, but I keep coming back to the SACD, becuase they picked some excellent tracks and the sound quality is so much better.

If you're into this stuff, you may also want to pick up a MCH SACD copy of Michel Camilo live at the Blue Note. It won a grammy for best latin jazz album and is excellent (recording and content).
Hi Edorr,
This Chick Corea is a domestic Concord.It was shipped from China. You just never know however until you play it and listen. Purchased it only because of the price so literally had no expectations. Great find and highly recommended.
Thank you for the other suggestion.
Who's Next is available on SACD from CD Japan...bit pricey but worth it
And an 1812 Overture Telarc via the Cincinnati Pops. Raises the hair on my neck every play, even after 4? years of play.
The abco Rolling Stones reissues. I grew up with the 80s cd issues and not the 60s vinyl. I bought a SACD player when these came out and heard so much more in these tracks that wasnt audible on the earlier CDs like piano and percussion parts I didnt even know existed.