What are your favorite SACDs

I am curious which are peoples favorite SACDs. The best sounding SACDs, best stereo versions, best multichanenl if anyone uses it. Classical, Jazz, Rock all music types. What are the must haves. I have been listening to a few in sheer amazement of how good they can sound.

Jeff Beck, Blow by Blow, & Ana Caram Blue Bossa are two of my favorites. I only have a few.

Also anyone with the DAC6e, do you keep it on all the time? I find it runs hot, almost class A hot.
Steely Dan-Gaucho
Here is a great resource for info on SACD's.

Allison Krouse,Now That Ive Found You,,,,,,,def. my fav.
Elton John has the best multi-channel SACD's in the pop/rock category, in my opinion. Also up there is "Sea Change" by Beck.

I've been listening to a lot of The Kinks on SACD. As far as sound goes, they are good, but not "reference". However, these albums are so, so very good. "Sleepwalker" is currently in heaviest rotation on my system. A 'must have', especially if you like electric guitar. The bonus tracks, in a rare surprise, all could merit inclusion on the original release. They are that good. The Kinks are issued in SACD stereo only.

In classical, I would highly recommend the "LSO Live" series. I have Symphony 11 by Shostakovich and "Falstaff" by Verdi. Both are fantastic. Also, the Berlioz Requiem on Telarc is great. All of these are multi-channel. Also, see the other threads regarding RCA Living Stereo and Mercury Living Presence SACD re-issues. I most highly recommend (from these sets) the "Organ" Symphony #3 by Saint-Saens (RCA) and the Firebird by Stravinsky (Mercury).

My two favorite are Thomson: The Plow That Broke the Plains/The River - Stokowski and Tchaikovsky/Saint-Saens/Bruch - Wispelwey. The sound quality is just so pure and fantastic! The Virgin Thompson/Stokowski is probably one of the best analog recordings around. I also have it on vinyl since I loved the SACD so much. And sorry, the vinyl is actually a bit better, as you probably imagined.

Two others worth mentioning are Stravinsky: Le Sacre du printemps, L'Oiseau de Feu - Stravinsky and Copland: Appalachian Spring, Hindemith - Louis Lane/Robert Shaw. I have the latter on redbook CD and vinyl. The dynamics of that 50khz telarc soundstream recording is just fantastic. I have a number of 50khz PCM soundstream recordings on rebook and vinyl and in all cases the vinyl is better. So that's why I'm comfortable recommending the SACD, even though I haven't heard it yet. The Stravinsky Firebird and Sacre are also quite enjoyable as well. I look forward to listening to it again now that spring is here again in Cleveland.


There are hundreds and hundreds of great SACD's. I've got a few hundred in
my collection and have only run across a few duds. My list would be far too
long. Good place to start is with http://sa-cd.net.

You'll find listings of all SACD's, helpful reviews, and links to merchants.
Although they do not link http://store.acousticsounds.com which is one of my favorite on-line vendors of SACD's and other audiophile recordings.